Old Fort Gun Club

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  John Martin.      600. 56x.   New course record

  Fred Guthrie.     597.  42x

  Ken Butler.         596.  36x

  Doug Carter.      595.  36x

  Robert Pruett.    594.  34x

  Ronnie Dale.       592   29x

  Larry McCarver. 590   35x

  Mike Topham.     590.  26x



   Wendell Moore.  595.  36x

   Lee Kubricki.       583.  18x

Mr. Wendell Getting It Done


9/18/21 Update From Mike Topham

Well I personally messed up today, but we had a great shoot: 09/18/2021

Wendell B Moore. 589. 32x
Lee Kubicki. 575. 16x
Ron Allison. 570. 24x

Brett Leadford. 600. 42x
Ken Butler. 599. 47x
Fred Gunthrie. 596. 35x
John Martin. 595. 30x
Isaac Carter. 587. 20x
Bob Prueitt. 586. 33x
Doug Carter. 585. 31x
Larry McCarver. 582. 24x
Henry Engrav. 582. 23x
Mike Topham. 577. 27x
Greg Smith. 562. 28x

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2 Comments on "Old Fort Gun Club"

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  1. John martin says:

    Thank you for putting old fort gun club benchrest on your page. If you ever got close to Fort Smith, Arkansas we would to have you shoot with us.

  2. JD hill says:

    I watched you video on a Winchester 52 and you were looking for a stop for the spring on the scope . If what a saw is right it’s on the doesn’t belong behind the rear sight belongs on the back of the spring .you have to take them off and put it on first

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