Mr.RevolverGuy Pushing The Speer?s 200 grain Gold Dot Limits

| April 7, 2019 | 2 Comments

Speeds Feeds and Ballistics

For years 10MM enthusiast like myself has dreamed of the day that Speer would release it’s 10MM gold dot bullet as a reloading component. 

I was able to get my hands on a few and wanted to load full power 10MM with them. The 10MM factory load as shot here… seems to be warm 40S&W loads. 

I am not crazy about hot roding my reloads but we are talking 10MM here. The original recipe called for 200gr bullet at 1200fps and that’s what we are trying to accomplish here today. Though the original loading proved to be to much for the 1911 pistol. With a few modifications you can prepare your 1911 to withstand such velocities.

Speer if you are watching or listening — We want the 10MM Gold Dot as a re-loadable component.

Shot 1 = 1224
Shot 2 = 1249
Shot 3 = 1242
Shot 4 = 1232
Shot 5 = 1254
Average = 1240fps
ES = 30
SD = 11

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2 Comments on "Mr.RevolverGuy Pushing The Speer?s 200 grain Gold Dot Limits"

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  1. BOB JACKSON says:

    Hello there , I watch almost all of your u tube video’s and I enjoy them very much , thank you for doing them. I always wonder ware it is you live in our great country ? I see all the trees and they are green and lush. I live in Durango Colorado , that’s close to 4 corners in southwest part of state. I just watched your video about testing Eley ammo, Iv’e used Eley allot and depending on which gun I use, which ammo the gun likes. I have allot of the cheap stuff Brown box and in most of my 22’s it shoots as well as or better that the high dollar stuff, go figure.
    Thank You: Bob Jackson here

  2. In the midwest — Ohio. Bob what luck I can’t find a rifle to like the cheaper stuff LOL.

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