Mission Impossible: GPO Spectra Pistol Dot

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German Precision Optics Defying The Odds?

GPO very well known for their rifle scopes have entered the Mini Red Dot for pistol market. Can GPO differentiate itself from all the others? Providing a feature rich, easy to use, long life battery operated, tough and rugged Mini Reflex Sight?

Upon first opening the box the first thing I noticed was the size and sleek look. It was very small and looked high speed low drag. A very nice touch, the battery is laying right on top and has an expected runtime of 40,000 h. You literally need nothing else than a pistol that’s optics ready compatible with a Delta Point Pro or Shield RMS Mount. Even comes with a picatinny mount along with 2 sets of screws.

Height mm 23
Width mm 27
Length mm 40,6
Weight g 22
Housing material . Aluminum
Color . Black anodizing
Click adjustment MOA ¼
Click rotation . CCW
Elevation range
(100 m)
MOA 60
Windage range
(100 m)
MOA 60
Tactile click . Yes, w / tactile clicks
Waterproof . Yes, IPX67
Interface . DeltaPoint-/

On the Sig320 Compact it was a direct mount and no plate was needed.

GPO Easy To Use Technology Influenced

Now it is time to see what this dot looks like. Ok wait a minute where are the buttons how do you turn this thing on? How do you adjust the brightness? Please don’t tell me I have to pick up the manual. Wait the box says Motion Sensor and Automatic switch off wow now this is slick. Not only does the GPO 3MOA Spectra Dot turn on with movement, it also adjust brightness based on it’s surroundings. After 1 minute of no movement it automatically turns off. During my testing i went back and fort between my reading glasses and straight safety glasses. The 3MOA dot was best seen with my eye without glasses which I was elated to learn. If you carried this setup full time I am sure the movement created by carrying it on your hip would shorten the lifespan of the CR1632 Battery. If you are crazy enough like myself to be walking around holding a reflex sight from indoors to outdoors to shaded areas you can just about see the brightness adjusting itself.


This thing is IPX67 waterproof/dustproof certified and contains 60MOA of windage and Elevation adjustment. Noticeable click adjustments of a 1/4moa per click.

GPO Spectra Pistol Dot Is It Tough Enough: Heart Felt Apology GPO

After initial unboxing it is time to put this sight through it’s paces. Initial review 150 rounds of Blazer brass 115gr 9mm and 124gr 9mm. The quality of the build and sleek design clearly stands out. Though the one reason that I never cared for Red Dot’s on any every day carry pistol of mine outside of being an old geezer who loves the reliability of iron sights. I have just never had trust that any of them would stand up to the knocks of every day carry. Though GPO doesn’t say specifically what the caliber rating is with the picatinny mount if it will stand up to my standards of trust you should have no doubt. So let me apologize now for what I am about to put this Spectra Reflex Dot thru.

GPO may have just given the best tech infused/easy to use robust price to performant ration in Mini Red Dot on the market with its GPO Spectra Pistol Dot.


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  1. Joe Rhea says:

    Absolutely Awesome write up !! I’ve seen this sight and it is everything you said it was . Easy to use , bright , and EXTREMELY WELL MADE !

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