Marlin 25MN Updated 100 Yard Range Report

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Every time I head to the range this old fella ends up in a rifle carrying case going along. I just have so much fun with this Marlin that it’s hard for me to leave it behind. This is an update to the report where the Marlin was tested at 7, 15 and 25 yards Marlin25MN Range Report

Me and a couple of friends were planning a day to get out to the rifle range they all were planning on bringing AR15’s, all I could think about was my Marlin 25MN and my 44 Magnum Winchester 94 Trapper. Though I do enjoy shooting and own a AR15, having carried one (M16) for 11 years while on Active Duty for the Marine Corps the magic and excitement has worn off or is not as high as it once was. This was a nice sunny day with about 3 to 5 mph winds. The Marlin 25MN performed very well with Dynapoint 22magnum ammo. The Winchester Lever also performed very well with my handloads.

Here are both rifles on the table.
Marlin 25mn100yard_day

This is the first 100yard target with the Marlin 25MN
Marlin 25mn100yardtarget

Though I would never try to take any small game at this distance I am happy to see how the Marlin performed. For a rifle that’s over 30 years old its still capable of good groups and providing losts of enjoyment.

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