Marlin 25MN Repair and Range Report

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Lately I have been very busy and have not had many opportunities to make it to the range. Some of this is a good thing as I am blessed to have a job in this economy. I also have a number of different projects I am trying to complete along with a very long honey due list around the house that has proven to be very time consuming. Though I love my weapons and range times I hate acquiring weapons due to a lost family member. I have recently acquired a number of different weapons because of this and some were in very bad shape as they had been stored for a very long time (12 years) without any attention.

List of Projects
Ruger MkII Target Restoration (Article soon to follow with detailed pictures)
Ruger MKI Restoration (Article soon to follow with detailed pictures)
Remington 550-1 Restoration

And of course last but not least a Marlin 25MN restoration. This happened to be the easiest of them all. For some reason this particular weapon had no rust or damage to the metal or internals. But the stock was not in good shape. Right now the stock is in the process of being restored and unfortunately I did not take a before picture (wasn’t thinking). With a heavy desire to get to the range and very little patience to wait for me to refinish the wood stock, I purchased a synthetic stock from, I also decided to get a few extra magazines from they were in stock and the cheapest priced. The stock was a perfect fit, now all I needed was to find 22magnum ammunition. The Marlin 25MN is a microgroove 22 magnum rifle with a 7 round magazine.


I went about visiting my local gun shops looking for 22Mag ammo, the first two shops one of which was a Gander Mountain had no 22Mag ammo on the shelf. On my 3rd visit to a shop I often frequent I found 8 boxes of Winchester Dynapoint 22mag ammo on the shelf. I purchased all 8 boxes. As much as I enjoyed this range trip with this rifle I hope 22mag ammo doesn’t turn out to be difficult to locate in the future. As you can see by the picture above this rifle has a Burris 3×9 powered scope along with a bipod attached to the new synthetic stock.

Before starting to test for accuracy I just wanted to test functionality of a weapon that had been stored away for 12 years. Having cleaned it up it with Kroil before taking it to the range it functioned as if it were new even with the new magazines. Nice smooth bolt action along with a nice smooth trigger pull averaging about 4.5 pounds.


The first 35 rounds were at the 5 targets starting top left to bottom right at 25yards. As you can see the more time I spent behind this weapon the better I got.


Notice the bottom right target and the grouping of 7 rounds, all in the X Ring.

I then plinked around with a few other weapons I had brought along one of which was my Ruger 4inch 44Magnum pistol a review of it can be read Here . I brought this along to try out some new loads I had developed using 2400 powder, an old favorite of Elmer Keith. As I expected the loads were very accurate but very stout compared to my favorite 44 special load I have developed using HS-6 powder.

Transitioning back the the Marlin 25MN proved to be as much fun as plinking with the heavy 44 Magnum.

I put up 3 shoot-n-c targets. It was my attempt to see where the scope and rifle shot without adjustment at various distances.


The first shoot-n-c target on the left was shot at 7 yards with the scope AO set for 25 yards. As you can see a nice group dead center but it is a little low which is what I expected. The middle target was shot at 15 yards with no scope adjustments and as expected the group moved a little more towards the center but maybe not as tight a group as I would have liked. These results are surely more to do with the rifle than it is the shooter. The 3rd and right shoot-n-c target was shot at 25 yards, the 7 round grouping is dead center.

Leaving these target at a distance of 25 yards I decided to try and shoot the top, left and right ring scoring numbers on the target. Out of 8 tries I managed to hit one of the 9’s on the middle target. This rifle is surely accurate and more capable than I am.


Overall for the 5 minutes it took for me to replace the stock I am very pleased with the outcome. I am now on my second coat of minwax on the original wooden stock and I will be updating this post with those pictures when it is completed. I also plan to get to the outdoor range where I can try my hand with the 22mag at 100 yards.


Overall I rate the Marlin 25MN a 5 out of 5 stars.

Today proved to be a very productive, stress relieving, fun day at the range. I am now very excited about getting it out to the 100yard range to see how it performs. Stay tuned for the updates.

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