Marine Versus Airforce: Zermatt RimX Versus Vudoo Sinister

| October 24, 2021 | 1 Comments

Knock Down Drag Out


Winchester 52D Carl Bernosky Built

I decided to clean the King and put a different scope on it borrowed from a friend. Now let me see if I can talk him into a sale 😁.


EGW Winchester Mount

If you are looking for a solid mount for a Winchester 82D, Anschutz 64 or Kimber 82G look no further.


Live Action: Who Did You Bet On?


Drum Role Please and The Winner Is


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1 Comment on "Marine Versus Airforce: Zermatt RimX Versus Vudoo Sinister"

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  1. Jeff Meyers says:

    If you decide to sell old wookie, I plea for the right of first refusal, and the grace of 3 weeks to sell some toys to pay for it. I believe it’s the finest rimfire I’ve seen.

    What trigger is in that pup ?

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