M92 PAP AK Pistol Review

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I picked up the M92 pistol a couple weeks ago and must say I was immediately impressed with the build quality. Most AKs have very loose tolerances; not so with the M92??-this thing is tight everywhere. Almost tight to a fault. The safety was difficult to operate, the top cover was tough to remove, the gas tube was snug, and manually cycling the gun was more difficult than usual. Some of that is good; some bad. I filed around the contact points on the safety to make it easier to operate and polished the friction points (rails, hammer, bottom of the bolt carrier, ect…) of the action. Worked like a charm.

Next I’ll try to answer a few of the most common questions I’ve got since I posted my initial thoughts on the pistol.

1. Can you remove the thread protector?
A. Yes. Cut it off with a dremel, touch up the finish, clean threads (lots of crud in there), install new brake/flash hider.

2. Speaking of brakes/flash hiders, how do I secure it and what is the thread pattern?
A. There’s no detent. I have the Manticore and it’s extremely tight and hasn’t moved at all since I’ve installed it so I’m not too worried. But, should you be inclined a detent can be easily installed since the cutout is there. A couple pins and a spring and you’ll be good to go should you be so inclined.

3. Are the handguards standard size?
A. No. Plenty of aftermarket replacements out there though.

4. Is the receiver 1.5mm?
A. No. 1mm.

5. How do I mount a sling adaptor?
A. That one’s on you (drill and tap if you want….). I would run an Echo 93 adaptor if it was up to me, but I plan on SBRing this one so I’m not really concerned with that.

6. Can I install an underfolder?
A. This one’s complicated. The letter below from BAFTE would lead you to say “no” but if you’re SBRing the pistol then you become the manufacturer and it’s my understanding that you can then move the serial number (see note below).

[quote]27 CFR 478.92

Marking Requirements – Firearms

Firearms. You, as a licensed manufacturer or licensed importer of firearms, must legibly identify each firearm manufactured or imported as follows: By engraving, casting, stamping (impressing), or otherwise conspicuously placing or causing to be engraved, cast, stamped (impressed) or placed on the frame or receiver thereof an individual serial number. The serial number must be placed in a manner not susceptible of being readily obliterated, altered, or removed, and must not duplicate any serial number placed by you on any other firearm. For firearms manufactured or imported on and after January 30, 2002, the engraving, casting, or stamping (impressing) of the serial number must be to a minimum depth of .003 inch and in a print size no smaller than 1/16 inch… [/quote]

I’ve also seen a letter that I can’t find now from BAFTE saying you can’t do this, even with a Form 1 so who knows?

Now, with that info??I’d get it in writing from BAFTE before I modified the serial number but that’s just me….

Moving on. Here’s a quick list of pros and cons of the gun:

-Well built. On par with high end custom AK builders
-Reliable. Only 7 mags through it (210 rounds), but 0 issues what so ever
-I like the sights. The flip up front sight offers a quick sight picture for CQB type engagements
-Comes with 2 bolt-hold-open mags. Mine look brand new. With the price of mags these days that’s a nice feature
-The 7.62×39 is one of the better performing rounds out of a shortened barrel (see chrono numbers below)
-No trigger slap
-26mm thread pattern offers a few aftermarket options for flash hiders/brakes
-The finish seems pretty durable thus far
-Cold hammer forged barrel (more on this below)
-Since it’s a pistol, it doesn’t have to go though the 922r parts swap and comes with all original factory parts
-Barrel is not chrome lined. This is not a big deal to me but it is to many of you. I figure if I can afford to shoot out the barrel then I can afford to replace it… When I shoot corrosive ammo, I just clean it after. Again, not a big deal to me
-It’s a little too tight from the factory for my liking
-The rear trunion is not a 90 degree angle; this will require a little extra work or an adaptor when SBRing it (unless using an underfolder stock). I’m in contact with www.usmachinegun.com about creating an adaptor like the one they have for the Draco (really like that one by the way). I’ll report back as the process moves forward
-The serial number really is in a bad place. Since the pistol is designed for the US market and most buyers will probably SBR it they really should have picked a different location
-The wood is dirty/greasy when it shows up at your FFL. It’s a simple fix but worth noting

Here’s the video review where I do some shooting, discuss the above issues in greater detail, disassemble/assemble the gun, and conduct a chronograph test with one of my favorite AK rounds??the Golden Tiger 124gr FMJ:



This gun is currently selling between $550-650 from most online retailers. Given the fact that M92 kits were going for over $1k a year ago I expect the price to rise dramatically as word of these factory built pistols spreads. The quality of the build is on par with $1k AKs and it’ll likely soon be priced accordingly. It’s a great little gun and will make a very handy SBR’d rifle in due time (hopefully less than the 7 months my last stamp took….). I certainly recommend picking one up now if you’re on the fence currently.

Chrono data:
Golden Tiger 124gr FMJ: 2166 fps, 1292 ft/lbs energy

For reference, the same round out of my 16” SGL averaged??-2388 fps, 1570 ft/lbs energy

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I love firearms and everything that goes along with them (holsters, lights, ect...). I'm a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and a veteran of the US Army and US Air Force and spent years teaching shooting handguns, rifles, and heavy weapons.

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  1. Great review. I have a Draco and I love it. If I could afford to upgrade to the M92, I would, but this thing is my baby.

  2. plouffedaddy says:

    I love my Draco too. Good thing I don’t have to choose between the two.

  3. Josh says:

    You never did say what the threads are on the compensator.

  4. Josh says:

    nevermind i just saw it.

  5. sean says:

    what it the aftermarket muzzle device you have on this?

  6. Craig says:

    There are kits out there to put the detent in for a muzzle device, I installed one on my m92 in 2 mins.

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