M1 Garand – One Of The Greatest Battle Rifles of All Time

| September 7, 2015 | 4 Comments

It will always be in my top 5.

Where is it on your list of Battle Rifles?

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4 Comments on "M1 Garand – One Of The Greatest Battle Rifles of All Time"

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  1. Bill U says:

    The video says it all! It’s my #1 M1 Garand, #2 M1 Garand, #3 M14, #4 M16, #5 HK91, …is that cheating? I have 2… just sayin’

  2. Yes cheating LOL. HK91 huh? What do you think of the CETME clones?

  3. Bobk says:

    Well, walked away because my head was starting to hurt, but I’m back. Thankfully, I realized that I didn’t have to justify my opinion of “Best Overall”.

    So, after re-reading your title, yes, the M1 Garand is one of the greatest battle rifles of all time. Mine are sentimental favorites of mine. My oldest has served me faithfully and without incident for 37 years now.

    Anything I say will just be repeating others that are far more eloquent than myself. Beyond the fact that it does just about everything well, bottom line, it just feels GOOD to the hand. It also doesn’t hurt one bit that it has a lot of admirers in the next generation of my family. I have more nephews (and one niece) lobbying to inherit a member of my stock of Garands than I have stock.

    Thinking about it, I guess it’s past time to take one out to the range for a session. Later.


  4. Bill U says:

    CETME clones have had problems .. but I think mostly they are the deal. I was looking at the PT91 over the summer .. they seem to be much higher quality.. and not a horrible price. I would love to shoot one. Great job on the Garand!

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