LithgowLA101 NDr 15 Round Magazine Review

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CZ457 13 Round Magazine Extensions

For a long time one of the draw backs on the CZ 45X Rifles has been the magazine and magazine capacity. Shooting paper with a 5 round magazine on a fun range day it works out. Though anything beyond that, those 5 round magazines start become less than desirable, mainly because they fit flush with the bottom of the stock. By the way I love my hunting rifles to be setup this way so there are benefits to the 5 rounders. Well one might say they do have the 10 round magazines and I too agree the fun gets kicked up a notch with the 10 round magazine especially if you are in a timed rifle competition, it gives you something to grad for quick magazine changes. 

Now if you truly want the ultimate for all uses you begin searching for accessories that assist with additional magazine capacity. There are manufacturers out there that do provide the capability to extend 10 round factory CZ 22LR magazines to 13 rounds. I have tried 2 different brands at this point and the fit finish on the extensions are wonderful. Though the function leaves a little something to be desired. I wish I could say they have been 100 percent neither brand has been for me. Both exhibit the same behavior in that the follower doesn’t seem to come all the way up when loaded completely with 13 rounds. The strange thing is that it is very random this does not happen all the time. I do have some good friends that compete that has told me it is a mixed bag some have no issues at all and some do. So I continued to look and came across NDr Shooting Supplies CZ457 Aluminum magazine.

NDr CZ457 and LithgowLA101 15 Round Billet Aluminum Magazine

The greatest thing to me about the CZ45X magazines is that they work with the LithgowLA101. I am very found of this rifle, factory out of the box I have not met anyone who denies that they shoot great and can compete with factory Anschutz in the same price range. Unfortunately for Lithgow there has been struggles with importation into the US recently. Which means accessories are even harder to find which also means you are pretty much going to be running this rifle stock. Though great thing it is a fantastic shooter and not much is needed. 

Recently I came across NDr shooting supplies which makes billet aluminum 15 round magazines for the CZ457. Knowing the length, curvature and dimensions of the magazine can make it a challenge to work with a CZ457 that has an extended magazine release, my first thought was the LithgowLA101. So I took the chance to order one, it arrived in about a week from Canada. I do have to admit the sticker price was a bit shocking to me. Then I added up the cost of a 10round polymer magazine $45 and the 3 round 3D printed extension priced at $15 along with having to wait 3 to 6 weeks for the magazine to arrive from overseas I pushed the button to order. If this magazine proved to be 100% reliable it would be well worth it to me at $76 plus shipping. 

Here are all the features we included in this magazine:

  • CZ 457/455/453/452/512, Lithgow LA101
  • Cartridge: 22 Long Rifle
  • Capacity: 15 rounds
  • Material: Aluminum 6061-T6
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Type 2 anodizing
  • Reliable feeding
  • Developed and made in Canada

Note 1: Does not fit the MDT ACC chassis. But DOES work with the MDT XRS Chassis

Note 2: Does not work if you have an extended magazine release.

As you can see if you force the magazine past this point you will not be able to get the magazine out without damaging the magazine or the magazine release.

Upon receiving this magazine I was literally in awe of the build quality absolutely amazingly finished well put together. I loaded 15 rounds into the magazine at home 3 times to see if I would have the same problem I have from time to time with magazine extensions and I did not. Frankly the smoothness in loading the magazine lead me to believe the spring was going to be to weak to be reliable, its just to smooth. Well nothing to do now other than head to the range and try it out.


Stay tuned for future videos and articles to see how the NDr Shooting CZ457 15 round magazine holds up with usage. 

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