LithgowLA101 Crossover vs RimX CenterX: Ammo: Cold Bore Winter Challenge

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Winter Challenge Lithgow vs RimX

What makes someone get excited about the first day of winter and snow, that the first thing that comes to mind is a Dayattherange. Sometimes you just have to shoot in the conditions that God gave you and I intend to make the best of it. Just a week prior in 75degree weather I did a little tuning putting the Harrel Tuner on the Lithgow LA101 Crossover with CenterX ammo and it turned out some of the best groups I have seen out of this rifle.


20 Shots

Unfortunately old man winter caught me by surprise by dumping 2inches of snow on the ground the night before. Originally my intent was to take my Teslong bore cam and check for the dreaded carbon ring. It was 30 degrees out, 8mph winds from the northwest and still sleeting snow in some places. Not to mention I knew the range would be a muddy mess getting there.

After seeing just how bad the carbon ring was in my Lithgow the day was going to be dedicated to cleaning. After soaking the bore with Hoppe’s9 and Kroil on Tipton Cleaning Pellets and a nylon bore brush on the Lithgow it cleaned up really nicely.


I decided to give the same cleaning treatment to Wookie the RimX action with Douglass Barrel. Wookie was no work at all to get the barrel cleaned up, it was much cleaner than the Lithgow Barrel.



Lithgow vs RimX Shoutout

Up first the Lithgow LA101 and CenterX from a set of sand bags. I loaned my Ransom Rest to a friend for him to use for him to determine if he wanted one. 

2 five shot groups from 50 yards and 1 ten shot group at 50 yards.


The Lithgow had a respectable showing with an average of .593in CTC

I would then move on to the Wookie built on a RimX action with a Douglass barrel. The exact same conditions, bag setup and distance as shot with the Lithgow.


Wookie would edge out the Lithgow by a narrow margin achieving a .533in avg CTC.

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