Lithgow 101 vs Vudoo Sinister 100 Yard Journey – Arms Race

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Breaking in the Lithgow 101 22LR

Lately DM45 and I have been on journey to master 22LR at 100 yards, when I say master I use that word lightly. I guess it really is more about bragging rights than mastering. Both he and I started this journey with Kimber 82G’s unfortunately for me DM45 the OLD airforce guy is leading this arms race 2 to 0. Knowing that it had to be the rifle and not the shooter I decided to bring in a Lithgow 101 22LR, to better compete with the airforce guy.

Well not to be outdone DM45 decided to turn this thing into a serious arms race and reached out to Vudoo Gunworks and bring in a Vudoo Sinister.

First Range Outing

First order of business was to get the Leupold Scope mounted in the Leupold rings for the Vudoo and get both rifles sighted in on the 50 yard line.

Sighting in 50 Yard Line

DM45 used SK Rifle Match to get on target and centered after bore sighting and I would use Fiocchi 320 Super Match.

Being Bold 100 Yard Line

So only after a few rounds and no break-in what so ever we decided to press our luck and move over to the 100 yard line.

Starting out with the Lithgow we quickly realized the combination of the zero MOA base and minimal MOA adjustment that I did not have enough adjustment for my satisfaction. Though I was satisfied with the grouping considering this is the first outing.

Lithgow & Redfield 100 Yard Line First 5 Shots
Using Kentucky windage I was able to get a decent group on this 3inch target from 100 yards out of the Lithgow

Not wanting to totally waste a great range day I did also bring along my Savage MKII TR. So I would complete the rest of the 100 Yard challenge on this day with the Savage MKII TR.

Savage MKII TR 10 Shots 100 Yard Line With Fiocchi 320 Super
Lithgow 101 and Savage MKII TR on the 100 Yard Line

Vudoo 100 Yard Line First Outing

The Vudoo Sinister and Leupold seem to be a perfect match with a few adjustments it was on target and performing. Yes the OLD airforce guy has definitely out glassed me.

But maybe not out shot me today though this one doesn’t count for score.

Lithgow Day 2 What Ammunition?

In day 1 I realized that I needed more MOA adjustment and considering the Redfield was a gift and produces a nice clear view I did not want to just but another scope. I headed over to rimfire central and the nice folks there guided me to a few companies making scope rails for the Lithgow. Unfortunately they all are in Australia where the Lithgow is manufactured and every time I tried to order from the US the order would not go through. I kept receiving errors from the website. So instead I ordered Burris Zee Rings and used 20MOA with the POS align inserts – 20MOA in the rear and 0MOA in the front.

After getting my scope mounted was looked through the 22LR ammunition stash to gather as much variety as possible to determine what might be the best ammunition for the Lithgow and headed to the range.

22LR Ammunition Testing

Conditions Of The Testt:

It has been said elevation and barometric pressure can effect accuracy of a round so my elevation is 894 feet, purely for comparison to your location.

Distance: 50 Yards

Weather: 79Degrees winds of 8MPH

Fire 10 shots into a test target to foul the barrel and acclimate the barrel to the particular brand ammo, and then fired 5 shots for grouping on a scoring target.

Left Target for Scoring Right Target for Fouling

Before beginning this test this rifle was complete cleaned with 20 passes from a 22LR brush, 3 wet patches and 2 dry patches before arriving at the range. Between each brand of ammo I would use my Otis pull through with one wet patch and 2 dry patches before firing the next group.

A note on the fouling shots ? this is to remove any lubrication left over from cleaning and previous bullets, or to build up lubrication that is on the test bullets. I have seen some erratic behavior, some very tight groups, some groups with multiple fliers from previous residue such as wax, lube or lead from the prior brand. I noticed with this rifle the test groups starting to tighten up after two test shots.

Lithgow Day 2 Groupings

22LR Ammo Shoot Out

After eyeballing all the groups through my spotting scope I decided to have my own shoot out. I would take what would look like the best groups on paper and re-shoot them. I would use the same exacting cleaning and firing regimen.

Ammunition That Made It To The Finals
Norma TAC22 Average To Center MOA .281
SK Long Range Match Average To Center MOA .495
RWS Rifle Match Average To Center MOA .353
Fiocchi320 Average To Center .763
NormaMatch Average To Center .472
Eley Club Average To Center 0.938

As I was packing up I found some Federal Hunter Premium Match and Wolf Match Extra.

So happy I found the Wolf Match Extra as it proves out to the be the winner of the day. Though it does seem a bit dirty – very little examination on this claim.

Lithgow & Vudoo Comparison

In wrapping up my story/pictorial I wanted to conclude with a few thoughts. Both rifles are beautifully finished though I prefer the look of the walnut laminate look of the Lithgow.

Both rifles have the same barrel profile and both weigh about the same. The Vudoo tips the scales at 8 pounds and the Lithgow comes in at 7.2 pounds

The stock trigger out of the box most definitely is awarded to the Vudoo it is twice as good as the Lithgow. The Vudoo comes with a wide target trigger and the Litgow comes with a hunting like trigger. Stay tuned for trigger pull weight comparisons.

The bolt on the Lithgow is twice as good and much smoother to operate than on the Vudoo. The Vudoo bolt is really stiff to me but I am sure will break in really well. Though the bolt handle on the Vudoo is larger and fits my large hands better. Though I do plan to change the bolt handle on the Lithgow.

Overall both are really nice rifles, opportunities are the price with the Vudoo. Lithgow aftermarket parts are limited and products seem to all come from Australia which have proven to be hard to get for me. Right now I have a spring in route to improve upon the trigger pull and will see how long it takes. Eventually I would love to get an aftermarket bolt handle and bolt shroud. The Vudoo on the other hand is a direct replica of many long range rifles including the magazine size making it just about the perfect long range trainer.

Stay tuned for additional Marine vs Airforce 22LR 100 Yard Shoot Outs.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Personally I have never found any .22LR ammo to be consistent enough for target shooting at 100 yards, much less 50 yards, and I’ve tried many brands from cheap to expensive, including ELEY. I shot them in my 5.56 AR15 with the CMMG .22 conversion kit and the grouping at 100 yards was so bad I switched to 50 yards with basically the same results. It’s hard to zero a scope at 50 yards when no two shots are even close on the target. And don’t say it’s the rifle. Shooting 5.56 from it I get less than 1 MOA at 100 yards and dime size groups at 50 yards. Same thing with my scoped Savage 64F. Terrible groups. Even with the expensive ammo. When you can’t hit the bottom of an aluminum can at 50 yards, something is not right. I don’t wear ear protection with .22LR and I can tell by the report if the round is fast or slow or the same.I only shoot .22 for squirrels at less that 25 yards.

  2. Wade Polly says:

    Yes, it’s the rifle. What’s the twist rate in that AR15? 1:9, 1:7. The 22lr bullets are overstablized. They should be used in a 1:16 twist. I own 4 22 rifles that will all shoot 1/2 MOA at 100 yards and 50 yards all day long. Each has it’s preferable in ammo. Lapua, Eley, RWS, Fiochi, Wolf, and several other brands of ammo can shoot that well in a rifle that was designed for them.

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