Les Baer Parts Breakage

| July 31, 2011 | 1 Comments

I have been getting a number of questions in reference to the Round Count Les Baer Report Unfortunately I’m only up to 15,500. The reason its so low is that because at that round count, it had to spend quite a while back at Baer because this happened:

So to review, that’s two broken slide stops, a link pin, a safety, a sear spring and a bushing in less than 16,000 rounds, which is an average of 1 broken part ever 2500 rounds or so. Incredibly unacceptable, and I can’t blame it on the chroming. This gun has been relagated to competition only – bullseye and IDPA, and bullseye only once I build an IDPA-legal 1911. Its great fun to shoot, dead accurate, runs like a top if everything is in one piece, but there’s no way I’m ever going to carry it again.

Shooting outdoors I use either a tarp or a homemade brass catcher I made out of PVC and a sheet. Indoors I just pick up the brass off the floor. It makes it easier if I use an ammo can top as a kind of improvised brass broom. After my latest round of reloading I found I really need to build a brass catching that will work inside, as I’ve lost about 3000 pieces of brass forward of the firing line at the indoor range in the last 6-8 months.

I load on a Dillon 650. I recently bought a casefeeder for it, and with a friend to reload primer tubes, I can do 1000 rounds an hour, 750 or maybe more loading my own.

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