LES BAER 1911 PREMIER II 5? MODEL Range Report

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By More Forty Fives
Well I think I am going to find out just how well I really can shoot. The way I see it if Les Baer lives up to their claim to fame in making one of the best 1911’s on the market, I will not be able to use any of my standard excuses. Looking over the gun I am extremely impressed, the fit is good .You can tell it was done by hand with care. I would love to see more of that in today?s hand gun industry. Smith&Wesson has seen the light with there new Pro Series firearms. The pistol comes with all the bells and whistles. It has nice sharp 30lpi checkering on the front strap, but yet very comfortable. Baer speed trigger, set at a nice clean 4lb pull. The trigger is supposed to get better after the break in but I like it now, I honestly can?t see it getting better. It also comes with a Baer deluxe hammer and sear and the pistol is tuned for total reliability directly from Baer. There are many more features but I am not going to bore you with the entire list. You would think that with all those upgrades they would at least give you a 2nd mag this was surprising. For the price you would think Baer would do everything possible to insure such a fine firearm reaches the customer unscathed but this one came in a cardboard box and it was all beat up. Other than that, the pistol is well made and finished. Baer recommends a 1000 round break in, and does not recommend that you disassemble the pistol until after the break in period. So for now all I can do is run a patch down the barrel.

I couldn’t get my hand?s on 1000 FMJ bullets because of the Obama scare. I did get 200 Winchester 230 grain FMJ and 100 230 grain FMJHP. I had the thought of loading up some cast lead bullets, but I do not want to shoot any lead if I can?t give the gun a good cleaning right away. I do have 100 230 gr.Win. Factory loads. In addition, another 100 Taurus 185 gr. Self Defense loads I have wanted to test. They are manufactured by PMC for Taurus. PMC use Barnes copper bullets and Hodgdon powder. For now I have a grand total of 500 rounds? that should work. As I stated previously I won?t be able to give you a break down on disassembly, so maybe we can do a part two, if your interested in disassembly just leave comments to the article.

Now let the fun begin! 500 rounds 4 mag?s hell I need help, Tiffany to the rescue. I will give you the reloading data at the end when I know what work?s best, but remember neither I or Revolverguy take any responsibility for the use of any reloading data used or posted to the site. I was going to sight the pistol in but the first 7 rounds were close enough to center. The trigger took me about 20 rounds? to get used to. It seem?s I need to shoot my single action pistol?s more. I shoot to many DAO pistol?s these day?s. But not anymore! This thing is great! I should have bought one a long time ago. I own a few stock 1911?s and love them all. But there?s a new leader of the pack. The trigger was to crisp I just could not control it! Then I remembered reading some where to just tickle it. Yes I have to be gentle. Now my groups started to get better towards the end of the session, but I was a little upset at first. All the build up and waiting for the gun for months and get 3in at 25yd? What the hell my XD can do that, So I thought maybe I need a rest, so I let Tiff give it a try. She thought it was a little heavy but she has never shot a 1911 before and I told her she would be glad it was a little heavy. She emptied the first mag and just looked at me.
It was kind of funny you could tell she was caught off guard every time the gun went off, again I can’t say enough about the fabulous trigger. Well 100 round?s gone time to get serious. I put the target at 15yd to see if it would help. Tiff first, damn 1-??from what I could see. For the first 4 round?s then she put the gun down and told me beat that in a very arrogant way. Back to 25yd, It finely came together for me I am achieving 2inch group?s with my hand load?s. 2inches for me that?s great, I can?t do it all the time. But with any other gun I was lucky to shoot that well on one target every 200round?s so this was a major accomplishment.

The gun is everything I was looking for. This pistol is worth every penny I spent and there aren?t many firearms I have owned that I would say that about. I think most pistol?s in today’s market are over priced. At the end of the day I had 4mag?s loaded and got an idea, that?s bad according to Tiff and my wife they believe they should do all the thinking :). I decided to shoot all four as fast as I could! Man I got so tired by the last mag. I quit 3mag?s that?s all, I was burned out. All that shooting in one day was tough. But look at the target. I have one other gun that I can do that with and it’s my S&W JM625 Revolver.

Winchester brass
CCI large pistol primer?s
230 Gr. FMJ Winchester bullet?s
4.5 Grain?s of Titegroup
I found an overall length of 1.250 worked fine in this pistol.

If my wife ever give?s me the go ahead again I will by another a carry model in stainless. Time to start on my wife for no.2 Les Baer! Oh ya the best load was my handloads. If you play around a little with the load you should be able to improve on it. By the way I started out looking for thing?s that were wrong with the gun but found none. The only thing I found wrong was with me not the gun. I shoot 3 mag?s as fast as I can that?s not very fast and I?m done can?t shoot the 4th without sending flyers all over the place. The gun proved to be better than me. That doesn’t mean I wil be discouraged because I sure will enjoy trying to make it through that 4th mag.

Well I?m off to shoot another 4 mag?s!!

See you all at the range!

More Forty Fives

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  1. Les says:

    This is my first 45 so I made it a special purcchased , a Les Baer! No I have held and shot other 45’s but the first itme I pulled the slide I was in love.

    Okay I need to shoot a thousand rounds through it before I clean it. So I would like to ask you what is the best way to disaseeble the gun and reasseble it without scratching the frame.


  2. Les says:

    Your article on the same pistol that I now own what could be better for the first 45 I own!

    I can’t wait for my shooting skills to improve and then maybe challege you to a shoot off.,. Just kidding I doubt if I will ever be a good shot. But with a lot of practice who knows.

    Thanks for your great article I have printed it out and will keep it with

  3. The Wiry Irishman says:

    Baer only recommends a 500 round breakin. Mine was a 1.5″ gun and it was working fine after 200-250. The reason you don’t strip and clean until 500 is so the carbon buildup and lube act as a lapping compound to do a little final smoothing up of the mating parts. Also you’ll have a little trouble getting it back together if you strip it before 500.

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