Lee Classic Turret Caliber Change Over

| December 29, 2019 | 3 Comments

For my friends over at TRN the reloaders network specifically Reloader7.62.

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3 Comments on "Lee Classic Turret Caliber Change Over"

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  1. Ronnie Sikes says:

    Thanks, Mr.RevolverGuy I appreciate you taking the time to do the video it sealed the deal for me. I’m sure I will have more questions later.

  2. Ronnie Sikes says:

    I was finally able to pick me up a Lee Classic Cast Turret press and six extra turrets early last year before all this mess got started. I set it up on my bench using a Lee quick change bench plate system so I could also use my Lyman single stage and RCBS Lube sizer if needed. Since I already had a couple of good powder measurers one being the RCBS Little Dandy and about fifteen different rotors I just made myself a powder stand that sits over the press and uses a Hornday powder charge die to throw my powder charges, works with rifles as well. I’ve loaded a few thousand pistol cartridges of various calibers as well as a few different rifle cartridges and have been well please with the easy of use and faster production rate using the press.

    Thanks again
    Ronnie AKA Reloader762

  3. Reloader762 Man that is awesome to hear. It i just a solid press. It is the only press I have that I have not had to make tweaks to get it to run smoothly.

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