Lapua’s Newest 22LR Ammo: Lapua Long Range Across The Chronograph

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New Lapua Rimfire Cartridges For 2023

Lapua just introduced two new Long Range Rimfire ammo offerings for 2023, Lapua Long Range and Lapua Super Long Range. This rimfire ammunition is supposed to be optimized for long range accuracy and consistency. The goal was to have extremely low extreme spread (ES) and standard deviation (SD), to yield the highest precision on long range targets, that’s of course if you do your part. NRL22X and Extreme long range with Rimfire is on fire right now, extreme long range is usually 250yards and sometimes even greater. Both the new Long Range and the Super Long Range is advertised to have an 1106 FPS muzzle velocity (from 26″ barrel) and a 0.172 G1 Ballistic Coefficient. Today I am going to try our the Lapua Long Range, testing velocity across the chronograph and on target for accuracy in a freshly cleaned Lightgow LA101.


Lapua Long Range Test Criteria

Not only did I shoot the Lapua Long Range across the chronograph I want to compare it against some of Lapua’s other branding, Lapua CenterX, Lapua Midas+. I chose these two for comparison because after examining the exterior of all 3 rounds measuring the rim thickness and cartridge overall length they all seemed very much the same with one exception. The wax/lube on the exterior of the case of the Long Range was a bit more excessive than on CenterX and Midas+. 

Rifle: LithgowLA101 20in Hammer Forged Button Broached 6 Grove Threaded 1/2×28 Barrel – Harrel Tuner

Distance: 50Yards and 100 Yards

Ammo: Lapua CenterX, Lapua Midas+, Lapua Long Range

Chronograph: ProChronograph Bluetooth Recorded by Dell Tablet

Rifle Rest: Ransom International Rifle Rest Master Series Front and Rear

Shots Fired: 10Shots first target for fouling and chronograph reading then 3 five shot groups

Waited 6 minutes between each ammo brand test for a cold/cool barrel

Weather: 53 degrees with 9 to 14mph winds

Lapua CenterX Chronograph Testing

Observation the first shots in all 3 brands of ammo turned in low velocity from a cold bore.



Lapua CenterX Five Shot Groups


Lapua Midas+ Chronograph Testing

Lapua Midas+ Five Shot Groups


Lapua Long Range Chronograph Testing

Lapua Long Range Five Shot Groups


Lapua Chronograph Results

#1 Lapua Long Range Turned in the lowest extreme spread and standard deviation 30ES, 9SD

#2 Lapua Midas+ Turned in the second best extreme spread and standard deviation 92ES, 24SD

#3 Lapua CenterX Turned in third best extreme spread and standard deviation 99ES, 28SD

Lapua On Target Results

Let me start by saying this sampling is really hard to test for with so many different variations, me and my trigger finger, IF the rifle/barrel likes the ammo or not and not to mention shooting outside in the winter with 9 to 14MPH winds as the norm. Also in all transparency keep in mind the Harrel Tuner was specifically tuned for the lot of CenterX I was shooting. So from the beginning the Long Range had the deck stacked against it.

#1 Lapua Long Range Turned in an average group size including the 10 shot group of 0.608in

#2 Lapua CenterX Turned in an average group size including the 10 shot group of 0.783in

#3 Lapua Midas+ Turned in an average group size including the 10 shot group of 0.786in

Though the ranking doesn’t represent the EXACT same order as the chronograph testing it does make logical sense. Lapua Long Range in my opinion turned in by far the best extreme spread and standard deviation therefor turning in a much smaller group. The CenterX and Midas+ the variation were so close in ES and SD that the difference could be the wind because I know it’s NOT the SHOOTER LOL.

Lapua Long Range 100 Yard Groups

So far the Long Range has lived up to it’s brand with a much better ES and SD and with no one shooting on the 100yard line I couldn’t leave without giving it a try in the exact same conditions on the same day. 


Lapua Why Another Brand – Conclusion

Like me, many others are asking why is Lapua introducing another brand when they can’t seem to keep up with demands for CenterX. Not to mention finding Lapua XAct is like finding the pot of gold under the rainbow guarded by Leprechauns right now. I have not spoken with Lapua, but it is simply my guess that they are filling a gap between the CenterX and Midas+ line. Yes they are marketing and catering to the popularity of the rimfire long range scene which is very hot right now but they clearly have a gap to fill. Average online search prices CenterX is $12 a box, Long Range is $15 a box and Midas+ is $19 a box, see the gap? I only hope that this will drive CenterX prices down by at least a dollar to be in the same range as Eley Team. Being in the same price range might Long Range replace Eley Match (Black Box) on the competition firing line? I personally am really excited about this introduction and the innovation Lapua continues to make to be world class. I can’t wait to get some of the Super Long Range to run through this test.

Support Of The Channel

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