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Headed back to the range today for a rematch with the chairforce guy, actually a very close friend. As you may recall I lost the first match where we faced off on the 100 yard line with my CZ455 and his Kimber 82G.

Having lost the first match I though long and hard about which 22 I would take to friendly competition and decided I would take my own Kimber 82G. This day would be a face off of the Kimber 82G’s

The only difference between the rifles are the actual scopes. Mine on the green Caldwell BR has a Leupold 24 power scope and DM’s rifle is outfitted with Leupold 6-20X variable power scope with sun shade. Both scopes are target based with thin line reticles.

DM stayed with what was tried and true SK Rifle Match. Because I have not done any testing with my rifle to see what it liked I would try 3 different types of ammo, Federal Gold Medal, SK Rifle Match and RWS Rifle Match. We would shoot 6 targets and take the best 5 shot group and compare the two.

Once again I am defeated by the combination of DM, Kimber82G and SK Rifle Match Ammo —- Ugh —- With DM shooting his best group at 0.655 MaxMoa, I would shoot my best group at 1.198 MaxMOA.

Airforce = Wins 2 — Loses 0

Marine = Wins 0 — Loses 2

Rifle of Choice

Airforce — Kimber 82G

Marine — CZ455, Kimber82G

More 100yard 22LR match’s to come — visit



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