Kimber82G Vs CZ455 — Airforce Vs Marine — 100 Yard 10 Shot Groups

| July 15, 2018 | 1 Comments

Usually everyday on the range is a good day especially when I bring out my bedded CZ455 with suppressor. Until your best buddy shows up with his Kimber 82G and challenges you to a 100 yard

10 shot smallest group wins contest. We both know that SK Rifle Match shoots extremely well in both rifles, so he handed out two boxes one for me and one for him.

There will be a rematch

Kimber82G & Airforce — 1

CZ455 & Marine — 0

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1 Comment on "Kimber82G Vs CZ455 — Airforce Vs Marine — 100 Yard 10 Shot Groups"

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  1. Bill U says:

    Great Groups .. great shootout! I have the CZ452 and it shoots well also.. I just won a BCSC shootout with 5 of us .. just last week .. I was using Wolf Match … which shoots well also .. I was going to ask if the suppressor affects your accuracy, but you answered that question with your targets … 🙂 thanks for the good post ..(btw . my rifle is not bedded still considering it)


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