Kimber Tactical Custom Range Report

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First range report I have done let’s hope it is informative and well put together.


Just came back from the range with my new Kimber Tactical Custom II which I purchased used from GunBroker for about 200 dollars less than a used model runs locally. The Kimber arrived with a badly finished safety which I replaced with a new Kimber brand stainless safety for 60 dollars. The range was a local temperature controlled indoor range. The ammo was handloaded by myself. And the position of fire was the weaver stance.

The Gun

The Kimber Tactical custom I fired today looked as though it had 600 rounds or more already put through it so I assumed it was already well broke in. The aluminium frame was considerably lighter than my Springfield Loaded model 1911A1 however I felt no greater percieved recoil. The trigger was smooth and felt like it broke around 4 pounds. The Mepro Light night sights glowed just as bright as the Trijicons on a model I purchased earlier this year. I checked with Kimber and the manufacture date was first quarter 2008.

Right Side

Left Side

The Magazines

The magazines use were the KimPro mag with bumper pad, Chip Mcormick Shooting Star with bumper pad, and the WIlson 47D. All mags fed flawlessly without hang ups and all mags strongly locked the slide back.

From left to right CMC, KimPro, and Wilson 47D

The Ammo

The ammo I used was handloaded Hornady XTPs in 230 grain with 5.0 grains of HP 38 and Federal Primers. I used once fired nickel casings from Federal, Remington, and Speer. The flash holes were cleaned and a slight taper crimp was applied.


Here you can see I am getting a feel for the sights and worked my way in from the top then I unloaded 2 mags (14 rounds) from 15 yards.
Next was 20 yards
25 yards slow fire 3 shot group

25 Yard Slow shot 7 round group

In conclusion I am very satisfied with my recent purchase and will continue to strive to become a better marksman. If it cimes time to purchase another 1911 I may consider the Tactical Custom II RL. Questions? Comments?
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3 Comments on "Kimber Tactical Custom Range Report"

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  1. Curtis Lowe says:

    I have that make/model and ran it through 2 courses with John Farnam. 1,200 rounds in two days both times. Never a hiccup or FTF even when dirty and hot. Great gun.

  2. admin says:

    Awesome what did you think of John’s course?

    This is nice to know because Kimber has been taking a beating on their main production line series. Everyone I speak with unfortunately is saying QA is going down.

  3. Curtis Lowe says:

    John’s courses are outstanding and a huge bargain at about 1/3 of what the big-name schools charge.

    He doesn’t just teach shooting skills, he teaches situational awareness, de-escalation, how to deal with the aftermath of a shooting, gunshot trauma treatment, etc.

    The Kimber I have is about 4-5 years old (maybe before QA problems started?) and quality has been excellent. Mine has an external extractor, which I was wary about at first, but have never had a problem with. I see from your pictures that Kimber eventually went back to an internal extractor on that model.

    I have run the heck out of that gun and beat it up and it just keeps on going. I trade off between the Kimber and a Wilson Combat Professional 4″ for carry. I would rate the quality and reliability of the Kimber right up there with the Wilson.


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