Kimber Super Carry Pro – Review

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How Super is the Super Carry Pro?
Lets evaluate

The Kimber Super Carry Pro is one of Kimber’s newest pistols. Since I like carrying a 1911, its combination of features was hard to pass up once I saw and handled it in person at one of my local gunshops. Despite the hit or miss reputation of Kimber in online reviews, I decided I would take a chance on my first Kimber and bought one of the first Super Carry Pros available locally several months back.

Intended for concealed carry, one of its most notable features is the rounded heel and mainspring housing. This makes the grip less likely to “print,” or show through, your concealing garment than the same size pistol with a more traditional grip. Other features on the Super Carry Pro that can be beneficial on a carry pistol are the flush fit 8 round magazine (one included), serrated frontstrap and MSH, ambidextrous extended thumb safeties, 3-dot tritium night sights with a cocking shoulder for one-handed use, “carry melt” treatment to smooth sharp edges, aggressively checkered grips, loaded chamber indicator port in the top of the slide, and lightweight aluminum frame.

Kimber Features
Caliber: .45ACP

Frame: 7075-T7 aluminum
government length
“Super Carry” pattern serrations on frontstrap and mainspring housing
high cut trigger guard
beveled magwell
rounded heel

Slide: stainless steel
flat top style
“Super Carry” pattern top and rear cocking serrations
oversized ejection port
enlarged firing pin stop to lock extractor in place

Barrel: 4″ bushingless, single piece, non-ramped
LH 1:16 twist
loaded chamber indicator port in the top
polished breech face

Mainspring Housing: rounded with “Super Carry” pattern serrations

External Safety: ambidextrous extended thumb safety

Grip Safety: high rise beavertail

Sights: Tritium three dot night sights with cocking shoulder

Guide rod: full length

Hammer: commander style

Grips: micarta/laminated wood fully checkered with border

Capacity: 8 + 1

Magazine: KimPro stainless steel Tac-Mag
Teflon coated stainless steel follower
quick change floor plate (only the flat stainless steel floor plate included)
one included with purchase

Other: “match grade” chamber, barrel, and trigger (solid aluminum style)
lowered and flared ejection port
recessed slide stop pin with beveled surround in the frame
“carry melt” treatment
22lb recoil spring, manual recommends changing every 800 rounds
checkered, slightly extended magazine release
does not have the “Kimber firing pin safety”
manual states there is a 400-500 round “break-in period”

Finish: KimPro II “self lubricating”
matte black slide
satin silver frame

Length: 7.7″

Height: 5.25″

Weight: 28 ounces


MSRP: $1,530 (as of Feb. 2011)

The lightweight government frame of the SCP is made from 7075-T7 aluminum and has a satin silver “KimPro II” finish. It is nicely machined and as mentioned, lightweight compared to a steel frame. The magwell is beveled for easier magazine insertion and the trigger guard has a high cut to help you take a higher grip. The grip safety is a high rise beavertail style, and while the fit is good, it could be a bit better for a pistol in this price range. The MSH fit was better.

Since this pistol does not use a ramped barrel, the feed ramp is also aluminum. This is worth mentioning because after the 850 rounds I have fired through this pistol, there are visible wear marks on the ramp. My steel framed 1911s do not show anywhere close to the same degree of wear with similar or higher round counts. A ramped barrel would also have prevented the problem.

The slide is stainless steel with a matte black “KimPro II” finish that Kimber says is self-lubricating. The benefit of that seems unclear because you still need to lubricate the moving parts. It has a flat top cut and “Super Carry” pattern serrations both across the top and on the rear sides. The ejection port is lowered and flared, and ejection was not an issue. This pistol does not use the “Kimber Firing Pin Safety” so commonly used in the Kimber lineup. Since you still have the grip and thumb safeties, this is not an issue.

The “match grade” trigger is a solid aluminum piece. Trigger pull weight felt a bit high though, even without the extra safety, and I’m not sure I’d call it “match grade”. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is heavier and less smooth than the factory STI triggers, for example. The Colt Combat Elite factory trigger also has a better feel to me. Trigger feel is subjective and may vary from pistol to pistol, so your experience may differ. For the record, Kimber states it comes from the factory set at 4-5 lbs. I do not have a trigger gauge so I couldn’t verify that on my pistol.

The barrel is a bushingless, single piece, 4″ long, “match grade” part with a polished breech face. Kimber states it also has a “match chamber” for what that’s worth. I don’t know what criteria they use to designate it as match quality, but my example does exhibit very good accuracy in informal off hand practice at the range. It is up there with the more accurate pistols I have shot. I don’t shoot from a pistol rest, don’t shoot pistols for measured group size, and don’t practice beyond 15 yards with a pistol much, so I can’t speak to those areas. What can I say, I favor rifles for those tasks and I don’t write reviews for a living.

The finish has held up very well in range use, and despite the 850 rounds through it, the area around the ejection port has also held up well. I have not been able to test the finish in carry usage or for holster wear due to reliability issues that do not give me the confidence to carry this pistol.

That brings me to reliability. Before I even bought this pistol, I knew Kimber said their pistols needed a 500 round “break-in period.” That was the main reason I had never bought a Kimber before the Super Carry Pro. I am one of those that feels you should function test a pistol with at least a couple hundred rounds of FMJ and at least 50 rounds of your carry ammo with zero problems before you carry it, but you shouldn’t need a “break-in period” for reliable function on a pistol designed for carry use. Since “Carry” is in the name, that’s how I feel about the Super Carry Pro.

I took a 250 round box of FMJ 230gr PMC to the range and proceeded to run it through my SCP. I wound up with an average of about 1 malfunction per magazine, typically a failure to feed the next round all the way into the chamber. That means that with 8 round mags, I had about 25-30 failures, or only about 88-90% reliability.

Okay, I figured, I am a little concerned but I am only halfway through the “break-in period.” I ran another 250 rounds of FMJ from various brands and had the same pattern of failures, but it improved to about 90-95% reliability. At this point I had run 500 rounds, and I was starting not to like this pistol.

For my third range trip, I switched to JHP ammo from Winchester, Hornady and Speer. I also switched from my usual oil lubricant to a grease to see if that would help. I ran about 150 rounds of 230gr JHP through, and it seemed to run about 97% with four failures. I switched back to FMJ and ran another 100 through, with four failures.

The total round count was up to 750, with about 94% reliability (somewhere close to 50 failures all together). I was starting to HATE this pistol now. The only other time I’ve had such an unreliable pistol is when I took a chance on the Diamondback DB380 when it first came out.

Back home, I stripped the pistol down and gave it a good cleaning, and switched back to an oil lubricant. I also replaced the factory spring with a Wolff spring for 4″ Kimbers and headed back to the range. I took another 250 round box of 230gr FMJ, and proceeded to run the first hundred through the Kimber. I had two failures, with one in the first 50 rounds and one in the second. Okay, that’s it, the best I could get in a single range trip was 98% reliability. Not wanting to let a range trip go to waste, I stayed around a fired the rest of the ammo through my STI Shadow and Colt Combat Elite with nary a problem.

If a freshly cleaned and lubricated pistol with a new spring can’t manage to make it through 100 rounds problem free, I am not wasting any more ammo on it. Nothing appears to be wrong with the extractor, ejector, etc. No burrs on either the slide or frame. Not a magazine problem*. That leaves me having to try giving Kimber a call and see if they can fix it. Even if they do, I won’t ever have confidence in this pistol and will probably sell or trade it. I have two Colts and four STIs, and none of the six needed a “break-in period” or had reliability problems. It’s not the “tightness” of the Kimber assembly either, as my STIs are all at least as tight if not tighter than the Kimber.

Would I recommend this pistol? It’s probably obvious by now, but I have to say no based on my sample. The Super Carry Pro turned out to be Super Frustrating. For the price, it should exhibit a little better fitting, have a more durable feed ramp or a ramped barrel, and should not have the reliability issues that mine has. However, if those issues were solved or are not an issue on your example, I would say it would make a very good carry pistol. It conceals well, shoots very well, and could be a great carry pistol if Kimber put enough QC/QA into it.

*All shooting was done using the factory KimPro Tac-mag, Wilson magazines, and some Colt factory magazines. The only time I could discern a specific magazine didn’t work well with the SCP was with the Colt magazines. They work in my other pistols but showed the most failures to feed in the SCP. The failures showed up randomly enough with both the KimPro and Wilson magazines that I do not attribute any failures specifically to those magazines. I mentioned the fit of the grip safety earlier, and it may have contributed to the tendency of this pistol to leave a wide “v” shaped blood blister in the web between my thumb and forefinger when shooting a lot of rounds. I don’t have any other pistols that do that.

Written and approved by G27RR over at “The High Road”

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  1. Tom Lackie says:

    My comment on the Kimber Super Carry Pro: The break down using the provided pin is somewhat of a pain. To replace the spring is a chore and takes an effort. When I purchased the handgun, I could release the slide with an empty magazine with no effort. After 50 rounds it was almost impossible to release the slide with an empty magazine. Went to my local gunsmith who stated this wan’t right and called the factory and they told me the gunsmith was nuts even though he has 25 years on the job. I even told them I tried several new weapons at the dealer and they did not have problems with a empty magazine, but the factory insisted I was mistaken. I have a Sig Sauer and never had any problems with their reps for repair questions.

  2. Alex says:

    I too have had reliability issue with this gun. Although my rate of failure is much higher as it fails around 50% of the time if it even chambers the first round. The gun shop refused to give me back my money, and the guy said it was my fault that the rounds were stovepiping because I was limp wristed in firing the weapon and that the high tolerance combined with me holding the gun incorrectly were the problem. I am considering selling the gun or trading for another firearm at a different store.

  3. Ronnie Celeste says:

    I recently purchased the Kimber SCP and I am having the exact same problems as mentioned in the above comments. I am experiencing a reliability rate of approx 75%. Other problems are with the first round failing to chamber and jaming. I will try the Wilson Combat Mag, as recommended by a few friends. If this doesn’t give me satisifaction, I’ll sell the gun and stick with my favorite, the Elite Stainless Sig P229. And people wonder why we don’t buy American made stuff. The Sig is German made and much better quality for less money than the Kimber.

  4. Mike says:

    That really sucks for you guys. Especially being told by the gun shop you were limp wristing your gun. hehaa.. sorry But at any rate they should have handled business in the customer service department better, I would be done with them regardless.

    I have a super carry pro that I got about four months ago, and have not had a single failure of any type in over 1300 rounds. 250 rounds of factory 230g FMJ, the rest were hand loads shooting 200g flat nosed hard cast bullets cast from a Lee mold.

    Of course the pistol needs to be lubricated as does any 1911, kimpro or not, I think that is to protect the ss/aluminum contact areas. A few drops of oil on the frame/slide may have helped the original review. I have had zero issues, love the gun.

  5. Ronnie Celeste says:

    I really like the handling of the Kimber, being much lighter than my Sig and just as accurate (my Sig is 42 oz with the mag full). I lubricate it the same as my other guns and I’ve never had any failures with them. Before I change to the Wilson Combat Mags, I’ll try extra oil on the slide and frame and go a few hundred rounds with it tomorrow. I hope this helps, as it would be much more comfortable to carry than my Sig. Thanks for the tip, Mike.

  6. Jim Wisenhunt says:

    I also had the first round from the mag feed problem. Mine occurred about every 3 mags, using the supplied mag, wilson and power mags. I fired around 500 rounds during 3 range trips with same results. I contacted Kimber and was sent a prepaid UPS label . I sent it in to them and was told they had around a 5 week back log. Right at 5 weeks I received a phone call and was told my gun was shipped. I got it back and have fired over 200 rounds without a problem. They said they refit the barrel and adjusted the extractor. Service people were very helpful and polite.

  7. Sean says:

    I’ve sadly sworn off Kimbers for reiliability issues as well. I bought a brand new Desert Warrior about 4 years ago that had about a 90% reliabilty rate, even after 1500 rounds. Bought Wilson mags, tried all different kinds of ammo with no improvement.

    Called Kimber at the 1000 round mark and they insisted it was either ammo related, or I was limp-wristing it. When I insisted this was not the case they agreed to look at it IF I paid the shipping. For $1200 this is unacceptable to me, period.

    Read online about lots of people sending their Kimbers in and seeing no improvement, or being told Kimber found nothing wrong I decided not to spend the money to ship it back, and instead changed the springs. Went another 500 rounds and the problem didn’t go away. Finally gave up and sold it at a big loss. Since then I won’t buy Kimbers. Not because the gun had issues, that is a fact of manufacturing, but due to their poor customer service and unwillingness to make a high dollar item function properly.

  8. Digger says:

    I wish I’d read more of these forum and blogs that spell it out quite clearly. I you’re spending $1500 ON A GUN, IT SHOULD WORK FLAWLESSLY out-of-the-box. My brand new Kimber Super Carry Pro, had a 30% failure rate, unacceptable on a production handgun fro a high-end factory. Two attempts to make arrangements over three weeks and they couldn’t even get a shipping label to me. OK, I UPS’s the peice back to kimber, no acknowledgement that it was received, I had to keep calling back over seven days, just to be told, “yeay we got it in, but now it’ll take 5-7 week to turn-it-around??”Receiced it back last night, the range was closing, but they let me in to run through about 4 mags.Mag-#1 no problems, Mag-#2 3 FTF, Mag #3 4 FTF (two shooters) 4th and final mag #4, 2 FTF. 230 g Ball ammunition of very good quality.

    Needless to say Kimber isn’t interested in my business, or yours, or yours, or any of yours. I won’t buy another Kimber product; they can keep buying Magazine ads everywhere covers and center double truks. But our word of mouth campaingn will eventually eithet get them to improve quality for the next generations of shooters, or close em down. I”m for the latter, Everthing but the look and feel of the gun was so substandard, punctuated by a disinterested Cust Svc team. Bad experience all around.

  9. Backslider says:

    My Super Carry Pro is going back tomorrow for the exact issues described here. I swapped out for a Wolff spring at around 300 rounds and got the FTF rate down to about 2%, which is still not enough to trust the gun. I’ll follow up when I get it back from customer service – see you in September.

  10. Henry Draughn says:

    My full size Super Carry has the same problem. I returned it to Kimber and when it came back it was slightly better but a long way from reliable. I sent the gun back a second time and requested a refund. Kimber does not do refunds. I had two options get a replacement or let Kimber try to work through my dealer for some sort of credit. Dealer has signs posted if there is a problem it is up to the manufacture to correct it. I have other Kimbers that run fine. I also agree that a gun should not require 500rds to break in. I have a Baer that said that and it has been flawless from the start. The SC is supposed to be a custom shop gun. Due to poor customer service I will never buy another Kimber. I have burned up over $300.00 worth of ammo in one gun and Kimber says so what. When you get into the price range of the SC there are a lot of options out there. I would not sell the Kimbers I have but I would not give you a nickle for another one. I help at the gun shows somtime and I plan to tell everone how Kimber treated me. At the indoor range the gossip is Kimber quality is slipping a great deal. My gun failed with the factory magazines,Wislon,Metalform,Colt and Novak.

  11. Big D says:

    I think the Kimber rep. is right. Ronnie already said what the problem is. The Kimber is light, with it’s aluminum frame. I bet if you had the SCP HD, stainless steel model, you would not have this problem. Try supporting your wrist and problem will go away.

  12. gabo says:

    I have put about 4 to 500 rounds through my super carry pro and have experienced the first round feed issue. Either it fails to feed or to only partially feeds. However, after experiencing that problem I have been able to shoot 50 to 60 rounds without a problem. But the failures still come and go. I haven’t fired JHP but tried chambering hydra shock with no luck. Another brand was fine and chambered. The instructions for lubrication from Kimber makes little sense by saying not to much oil but not to little. I don’t know what that means. Customer service has been very accomodating and immediately told me to send it back and provided me with a shipping label. From the above posts it seems as it Kimber knows it has issues with the Super Carry. They apparently able to correct Jim W’s issues. I have 3 other 1911’s a Springfield Micro a 5″ Smith Wesson and a Taurus. Never a problem with the Springfiedl or SW. The Taurus had break in problems and now is fine. It is disturbing that a $1300 gun does not shoot well out of the box.

  13. PSGTW says:

    I was strongly considering to purchase a Kimber Super Carry Pro HD, but after reading about all the problems on this and other sites I’ve decided against such a purchase. I can’t imagine a gun as expensive as the Kimber Super Carry Pro HD not working flawlessly out of the box. Whether you are looking at a gun for concealed carry or as a back-up weapon it has to work the first time, every time…It’s that 4 to 6% failure rate that will kill you.

  14. Daniel Romeo says:

    I’d always wanted a Kimber, but just couldn’t justify the $1500 cost. I followd the instruction manual to the letter 230 g FMJ ball ammunition during the break-in period. FTF started with the first box of quality factory ammo, and experience 8 failures out of 50. The next box of 100 was another manufacturer’s ammo, with similar results. I called Kimber and after too much discussion< i got an RMA and sent the unit back for some kind of re-work. Next box of expensive ammo and still 2 failures out of 20, next box 4 out of 25, then 8 again out of 100. In reality no real change. Talked with the factory with no satisfaction and they acted like this was a rare occurrence and always the fault of the limp-wristed shooter. I had several of my friends at the club shhot 20 rounds of their favorite factory standard ammo. 12 shooters, 660 rounds later, with a consistent 20.3% failure rate across all shooters. When I called the Customer Service Manager, he asked that I send the gun in for acomplete check-up and maybe some polshing, some stoning and test firing could cure the problems at a cost of about $250, but had to agree to leave the ticket open for costs and a turn-around time of 6 – 8 weeks. I argued, to no end. I'm selling my Kimber and buying 2 Gen 4 Glocks and some ammo. If you can't rely on you sidearm 100%, it shouldn't be on your hip. Seems like Kimber's spending their R&D and rework budget on even more advertising. What a GIANT disappointment. Stay away from Kimber's. What a shame; but I can't depend upon it, so I can't carry it

  15. Jim West says:

    Had problems with my SCP at first. Replaced extractor with new EB and problems completely solved. Totally reliable at 700 rds. Carry mine in total confidence. Feeds anything I can feed it including 200gr. LSWC’s.

  16. Broncobob says:

    I just purchased A scp used. I took the mag that came with it and pitched them, I like Chip McCormacs,I have A total of six Kimbers all have CM mags all workl flawlesly,even the SCP almost 1000 rounds mainly ball ammo but have shot +Ps thru it all works ok , but even with no problems I still have my gunsmith fine tune my guns
    All I can say is this if you run a mag full of winchester Talon +Ps thru it thats the litmus test,if it’s flawed you might wind up with A mouth full of slide,but all of them including my newest gun the SCP have passed the test with flying colors. I never send A gun back to the manufacture, I have very good relation with A great gunsmith, this might take A lot of the frustration off of you if you did the same,there’s nothing wrong with A face to face,with the person that works on your gun.

  17. Keith Martin says:

    I’ve just purchased a SCP almost a week ago on 11/16/11. I didn’t do any reading up on it just totally relied on the decent quality of my 1st Kimber (Crimson Carry Pro) which work and fed with no problems at all. I know for a fact if I would of read all of these posting, I would of purchase another 1911 brand. Neat less to say, after reading these postings I immediately brought some basic Federal 230 FMJ and it fired it for the 1st time. It shot all 50 rounds flawlessly right out the box. I switched between my Colt mag and the Kimber. I’m very interested and running at least another 500 rounds or so this weekend and post a follow up.

  18. Allan says:

    I have had this pistol for more than a year and have ran over 3000 rounds through it. This write up is good and fairly accurate. I had major issues in the beginning like this article states but have reduced some of the jamming problems by doing some troubleshooting. I made sure I marked my mags if any jamming occured to isolate any problems there. I read the instructions on replacing the recoils spring! Every 500 rounds. I also tried the Wolff Xp and did not see much of a difference. I have 7 Tac-Mags and have replaced them with Wilson Combat springs and followers(this really helped) . I have 4 Wilson Combat Mags which rarely jam compared to the Tac-Mags. I also tried many different types of ammo. My step father loads his own .45 and this has proven to be by far the best ammo for me. I have reduced malfunctions by 20% but it has come with a cost of replacement parts and ammo testing. I would recommend this gun to anyone who is a fan of Kimber and has a little patience. It is DEAD on accurate and sexy as hell. I have also ordered Crimson trace Master Series grips for this pistol. I am also considering replaing the abi safety with a wilson and maybe the trigger in the future. Everyone who has ever shot my pistol has fell in love with it.

  19. don says:

    I agree with the jamming, stove piping, failure to feed complaints. Also extractor will eject casing into my face! Had it worked on. I have the super carry pro-it is a beautiful gun, very accurate, however, after 3 trips to the gunsmith, I am fed up with the mis-feeds. Very upset I spent 1400 for this gun.

  20. Vincent Crow says:

    My Kimber SCP is averaging a failure to feed per magazine using the supplied Kimber mag as well as Wilson Combat mags. The pistol is beautiful and accurate, but I’m not going to carry it until/unless it can be made reliable. I’m going back to my Sig and will call Kimber tomorrow…..

  21. Jay Gregory says:

    Just got back from my first visit to the range with my SCP. Shot 100 rounds with no problems. Very accurate gun. I love it!!!

  22. Dave says:

    I purchased the Kimber Super Carry Custom (5″) about 3 weeks ago. I did have a problem with last round not feeding… but it was due to one of my own older magazines and after replacing the mag spring, that problem went away. I have fired over 300 rounds of mixed Win 230 FMJ and Rem 230 JHP with no other issues… the pistol is very reliable and extremely accurate. My 25 Yard groups from a casual rest are under 2″ with the FMJ and under 2.5″ with the JHP, it shoots POA. The 5″ model uses the standard GI recoil system, with barrel bushing and plug.

    I will add that I am professional shooter and instructor and have been using 1911s professionally and in competition for over 30 years. I’m very pleased with this pistol in regards to accuracy and function. But the grips do not offer very good purchase on the weapon and for the less experienced shooter might cause some gripping issues leading to malfunctions in a lightweight pistol.

    I was not so pleased with Kimber when I tried to change the grips to a set of slim VZ Grips. Apparently the factory misdrilled one of the grip bushing holes and used a special gunsmith’s oversized bushing to fix the problem so as to save the frame – in a brand new pistol going out the factory door! A normal diameter slim grip bushing just fell right into the tapped hole. I had to order a special oversize slim grip bushing from a supply house. I think this is unacceptable in a factory new gun – it should be completely in-spec when it ships out.

    But the performance otherwise has made me keep it and I find it and excellent carry piece if you want the full-size 1911. I purposely avoided the 4″ version due to the non-standard recoil system.

  23. Dave says:

    Based on the strength of the Super Carry Custom above, I went out on a limb and bought the Super Carry Ultra model. I was hopeful but skeptical of the short barrel and recoil system. I have owned many Colt Officers Models in the past and none of them worked reliably.

    After 150 flawless rounds through the Ultra, I’d have to say Kimber got this model right. It shoots to point of aim with all three loads tested (Win 230 FMJ, Rem 230 GS and Fed 185 JHP), and while the short sight radius does not allow the same level of accuracy as the 5″ version, I was able to easily keep all shots on a LE-style silo target at 50 yards during a qualification course of fire. 15 yard 8-shot groups ran 2″ offhand. Functioning was perfect – I used the supplied (one) “Kim-Pro” magazine (made by Checkmate Industries) and a bunch of Checkmate blue 7-rd GI-style Officers magazines.

    The Ultra is very fast out of the holster and follow up shots are quick if you have good technique. I changed the somewhat ridiculous ambi safety for a smaller-profile single-side model, and the grips and bushings to a pair of VZ thin style. What a great gun this is. Kimber recommends changing the recoil spring every 1800 rounds in all of their 1911 models – for $9 a year that is pretty cheap maintenance. Apparently the 3″ bushing less barrel and dual captive recoil spring setup works: I see many other manufactures using that style as well.

    I think I will avoid the 4″ Pro model… in a Commander-style gun I prefer a 4-1/4″ barrel and GI-style recoil system anyway.

  24. Bret says:

    I was looking at the HD model and came across this thread. It seems alot of 1911 company’s have this problem. That’s what my gunsmith said, when I took him my kimber SIS. He said there designed to shoot one type of ammo and it’s a 100 year old design, and it’s most likely the extractor. He adjusted it and polished it. He also polished the feed ramp and throated the barrel, and said he tuned it(what ever that means.) He also replaced 2 springs. Then he recommended that I look for a different magazine. I ended up getting 2 wilson 47D mags. Now 45bucks for the gunsmith. 35 bucks for each mag. It’s now flawless! It still don’t like the original mag from kimber, but since a wilson 1911 is close to 3,000. I’m money ahead!

  25. Butch says:

    I was just an hour from buying this weapon. Certainly glad I read these comments. It is indeed a handsome piece; however looks don’t count when one considers the failure rate and the price point. These weapons are made in Yonkers, New York! (What is the advertisement regarding hot sauce made in New York City?) Other upstate manufactures, ie; Ithaca, Remington etc, are fine.
    Thanks for all you saved me.

  26. Redshift says:

    I just bought one and have 200 rounds through it without any failures. Rounds hit point of aim at 25 yards. I’m very impressed with the gun. Fit and finish is beautiful. This is coming from a guy that has built race guns.

  27. Pastor Morris says:

    I purchased a Kimber Super Carry Pro 45 ACP and went to the range with 200 FMJ 230Gr Winchester rounds. I fired 140 rounds with 6 FTB (Failure to Battery). I was a little disappointed but was willing to hold comments until I passed the break in period of 500 rounds fired. Went back to range a week later with 50 FMJ 230Gr Lawman rounds and 60 of the Winchesters from my last trip. Fired all 110 rounds with only 1 FTB with the first magazine. I used 7 Kimber Mags that I had purchased. My thoughts are that my problems may have been caused by the fact that I have only one arm and limp wristing could be a factor. I was right handed and lost my arm in a boating accident. So I am shooting left handed with my weaker hand. All in all I’m very happy. The Kimber is an awesome firearm and is just fun to fire. I am new to this sport and still working on my skill level. I also shoot a Beretta PX4 Storm 9mm. It has never failed but it is not as accurate or as much fun to shoot as the Kimber. BTW I purchased a 1911 UltraTool to replace the paper-clip break down tool supplied by Kimber. Kimber should include a UltraTool with every Ultra and Pro they sell. It is awesome and allows a one armed disassembly of the Kimber. I would recommend the Kimber so far.

  28. Bob says:

    I recently bought a Kimber Super Pro Carry HD. It is a beautiful gun, but out of the first 200 rounds fire and several FTF and FTB. It seems to occur when I have a full mag and it is the first couple of rounds. It is frustrating to spend almost $1500.00 on a pistol and have this type of problem. I never had a single failure to feed, eject or go to battery in my sigs, but I wanted to go back to a 1911 style pistol and the Kimber SPC HD was so handsome just sitting in the case. I really believed that I found the perfect balance between a carry pistol and one that would be good on the range or in competitve shooting. I hope that this problem will clear up after the break in period. If it is not reliable enough to my CCW then it will have to go.

  29. Brett C says:

    I have the Custom CDP II. Love this gun from the first day. Never had a Jam but I do notice when they are knew they are tight. Mine loosened up after about 200. Easier to take down and pull the slide back. I sort of like how the tolerances are tight when they are new on great materials and the slide hones the action in use. That could never be reproduced in a machine shop. I have heard but never seen that if someone reacts too much from the recoil the gun can jam. If you keep your wrist steady it shouldn?t Jam. I don?t doubt there could be lemons out there. Glad I don?t have one. Best gun I?ve ever owned.

  30. Big Screen TV says:

    I have a Super Carry Ultra HD and also had FTF but only with hollow point ammo. I have tried the same ammo in my Kimber CustomII and didn’t have one malfunction. I’ll shoot a couple hundred more rounds thru it before I get to the point of getting rid of it. To pay 1400 for a handgun and have this problem doesn’t make any body happy.

  31. Todd says:

    I am a complete amateur and purchased the Kimber Super Carry Pro Custom because it looked cool. I also figured that you “get what you pay for” concept. (Plus, my Army Ranger- sniper-paratrooper-lt. Colonel-cousin recommended it for me.) So, I did not purchase wisely, and on impulse.

    Needless to say, my wife was upset that I spent so much money on a gun and I didn’t do a lot of research. Then I find negative reviews like the ones here, and I’m thinking I’m the biggest dolt ever for buying this!

    Anyway, I’ve shot this gun exactly 250 times (I’m keeping track) with one failure at #99, and I think it was my fault. In fact, I bet I’m doing a lot of things wrong because of my lack of experience, but the gun is working in spite of me! I am following the manual directions to the letter.

    I’m not discounting the problems stated, but I think it’s like anything else: People are more likely to make a negative comment than a positive one. So, I imagine there are a lot of very satisfied owners that do not feel compelled to look on the Internet for why their gun is working so well and post about it. The only reason I’m looking for reviews and comments is because I’m already in the doghouse with my wife and I need to be right in this argument/discussion! LOL!

    So far I love this gun, and purchased the .22LR conversion. Wow! That is fun to use!

  32. Bill says:

    Super Carry Pro is replacing Ultra CDP II CT as my every day carry. Have never had any problems with any of my Kimber pistols. Kimbers are not cheap, but the people on here and elsewhere that call them expensive need to look at Wilson Combat and Nighthawk Customs to get an idea of where they stand in the price range. Wilson and Nighthawk have customer service, which menas they expect there to be issues with any piece of equipment regardles of the level of their quality control efforts. Kimber is no different. They understand that issues will come up and they can only respond from their experience with the particular weapon. There are many levels of competence out in this comsumer world. Kimber attempts to put out a quality product, and unfortunately they have to live with any negative review they receive. They do not get to check the credentials of the individuals purchasing their weapons. I take negative reviews as a reflection on the driver of the weapon and not the weapon. I for one appreciate Kimber trying to provide a quality semi-custom weapon for about half the price of a custom 1911.

  33. Tbone says:

    I currently have a Kimber SPC HD, and I am having a lot of the same issues mentioned above..FTF and FTB. I shot almost 300 230 FMJ shells through this weapon with a 70 percent failure in some aspect, FTF, FTB, stove piping. This was done using the Kimber clip that came with gun and two Wilison Combat 47 clips. I replaced the recoil spring with the recommend Wolff XP as well as the firing pin spring that came with the ordered recoil spring. First two clips perfect, zero issues…the next 142 shots where riddled with the above mentioned issues. I have notice that if I only load 6 shells into a clip it seems to solve the failure to feed when the slide is released. I also experianced the inability to close the slide on an empty kimber clip that came with gun using the slide release works fine with Wilson Combat clips. Unacceptable operation. The gun was torn down and cleaned, and well lube after every 150 shots. I tried everything, this particular Kimber weapon is a fail, my father has a Kimber SPC II and it operates just fine. So I’m not bagging on Kimber…just stating some serious issues that seem to plague this series of weapons. I contacted Kimber and they sent me a prepaid shipment tag to send it back. Of course at there request I returned the weapon to its factory spring set, 3-5 weeks before I see it again. Hopefully it’s flawless so I can trust it enoughe to carry to protect my loved ones. Too bad gun shops aren’t like in the movie The Good The Bad The Ugly…should be allowed to test fire weapon before the money exchanges hand.

  34. Mickey says:

    Well, I just made the purchase and almost wish I hadn’t after reading these reviews. However, I tend to take the point of view of Bill a couple of reviews before this one. Things like experience, maintenance and even temperature of the range and gun can impact performance. In fact, rapid fire shooting heating up the weapon can cause it to feed and eject differently. This means that the 3rd and 4th mags in may not perform like the first 2. Not everyone knows these things.

    I do have another Kimber. I have a Tactical Ultra II which is my regular carry gun. I had a huge FTF issue out of the box. I was very concerned. On the advice of the range officer, I changed to a Chip McCormick mag which I had in my range bag. Whatayaknow! No more FTFs or stovepipes. Kimber mags are less than perfect. I believe that they are the root cause of most cycling problems in Kimber handguns and they need an overhaul in that regard. I’ll take my SCP to the range over the next few days and try it out. If it truly does suck (and I do have the experience to know the difference), it will serve as a nice little discount for me at the next gun show. By the way, I own 7 1911s ranging from Para all the way up to Ed Brown and in the past I’ve owned an STI Escort. I keep hearing about how fantastic STI is. I actually traded my Escort for my first Kimber. The reason was that it wasn’t ejecting properly. I was cut on the forehead twice by empty cases being pitched back at me. I sent it back and they replaced a few parts and sent it back to me in 6 weeks. The problem disappeared and then returned after about 300 more rounds put through it. I cleaned it thoroughly and it happened again. That’s when I jettisoned the thing. No brand has a corner on perfect or on crappy.

  35. admin says:


    Please come back and let us know how things work out for you.

  36. Mickey says:

    I most definitely will.

  37. Mickey says:

    OK…Well I’m back with a “partial” review. Part 2 will follow. My experience wasn’t at all as I expected. I only had a limited window of time yesterday. My main concern lately has been with reloading because everything is in such short supply, so that consumed more of my day than I’d have liked. I took some 9mm and .45 acp handloads to the range to try out and also a box of 50 230 gr PMC Bronze range ammo. I always use the same factory load to test a new gun.

    My first observation was that the SPC was accurate. My adjustment period was only 3 shots before I was able to consistently score in the middle of the 10 ring from 7 yards. No problems so far. Muzzle lift was minimal and the action was smooth. I put 50 rounds through the gun as fast as I could load the one mag I had which came with the gun. I had ZERO FTF. I felt confident enough that I put 20 of my handloads through the gun (which was all I had left after putting the rest through my less expensive test gun). Again, ZERO failures. Granted, 70 rounds doesn’t mean it will work 100% of the time, but I was able to heat the gun up and shoot rapid fire, as well as use handloads which were considerably hotter and lighter than the factory range loads. The SPC proved reliable in my minimal test.

    There is one puzzling thing, however. Unlike my other Kimber and any that I’ve seen, it doesn’t want to take a Chip McCormick mag and if that weren’t strange enough, I can’t seem to engage the magazine with the full 8 rounds loaded into it unless I really force it. I’m going to have a gunsmith look at it to make sure there isn’t some sloppy machining in the magwell.

    If it doesn’t require a trip to Yonkers for work, I’ll take it back to the range and put it through its paces for another 200 rounds or so and see what I can see. As it stands, it seems to work fine with the exception of the magazine issue.

  38. Tbone says:

    Update: It has been going on Five (5) months since I sent my Kimber SPC HD back to Kimber for maintenance, just got word last Friday that I should see it in the next two weeks. Seems there custom shop let a warped frame make it through their strict quality control (haha). For the life of me I can’t understand they would let such a bad representation of there product get out…. that pistol as it was FTF or return to battery multiple times in multiple clips and with at least three different kinds of ammo. I had that gun in my hands for three weeks…they have had it for almost five months and just figured out they need a new frame. It’s custom alright….a custom piece of Sh!t. Oh and for my troubles, I get to pay for another background check when and if I get it back, and Kimber being the fine company they are, why their going to send me some clips in the mail. Stay away from this Gun and Kimber.

  39. chris says:

    I have all the same issues as above… wish I would have read more before buying. I’m going to try to fix it with my gunsmith, but for 1300 I feel that nobody should have to go through this. In doubt ill ever have the confidence this gun now. I’m glad I bought a $200 custom holster……. by far the worst gun experience I’ve ever encountered.

  40. Bill says:

    The Super Carry Pro is my third Kimber. I bought it to replace my Tactical Ultra II, there’s nothing wrong with the Tactical, it’s been flawless and my EDC since 2007. Just wanted another 4″ Kimber since I feel my Raptor Pro is heavier to carry. I have close to 600 rounds through the SCP with one or two last round feed issues very early on. It’s been fine and hasn’t had any type of issue since. Kimbers do get a bad wrap, mostly from rumors on the Internet, or fans of other brands. The SCP is my EDC piece, it’s carries very well.

  41. mike k says:

    I have owned several kimbers in the past they have all failed I now own hk 45c,p30,p30l,compact tactical usp 45 and have put 5000 combined rounds through them with out a hiccup not a one good luck with your 1911s

  42. mike k says:

    I didn’t post my comments to bash kimber or 1911s my buddy just got one and asked me to go to the range with him and I did we shot about 200 rounds through it and had at least 20 failures he doesn’t make a million dollars a year and was so happy about his purchase of a high end pistol its just a shame

  43. Patrick Mele says:

    I purchased the Super Carry HD about a month ago. I’ve only put about 250 rounds through it but so far it has been flawless. I’ve run good ammo and some pretty low grade stuff. This Kimber just eats it up and doesn’t care. Maybe because it’s the all stainless. I love it.

  44. Jon Bassett says:

    Have owned four Kimbers. All the 3″ bbl models do need the 500rd break-in, after that smooth as silk. Bought the SCP about a year ago. Perfection right out of the box. Over 1350 rounds thru it of all types including Wolf and Tulammo steel jacket to +p HP’s with ZERO malfunctions. Changed the grips out to the finger fitting super comfy Pachmyr grips. They provide an extra secure grip with better grip out of my Bianchi retention holster. Accuracy could not be better and I can shoot it all day long with no hand discomfort of any kind. My fiance’ carries the Ultra CDP II chambered in .45ACP also and loves it. After the break-in when I shoot it I’m even more accurate than with my beloved Supoer Carry Pro!!

  45. Kevin Fisher says:

    A little late to the show here as I see the last post was made Sep 2013. I have a Kimber Super Carry Pro and have not experienced any of the above problems. Have fired close to 1500 rounds through it. Changed out the springs afterwards though. Believe it or not I have not had one FTF or FTB. My brother has fired my Kimber and he has had a few of the problems. I contribute that to his “limp wristing” it, plus he is a novice. I have used Kimber and Shooting Star magazines. I have shot quality ammo and my own handloads (185 gr lead). This must be the Kimber hater website.

  46. JIM says:

    Well it’s now 2015 (Maybe the QC is better)and we added our 1st Kimber to our gun collection. We like commander sized pistols for carry and purchased a Super Carry Pro. We quickly put over 1000 rounds through it and have had no issues whatsoever and it has been added to our carry rotation.

  47. Bill says:

    I bought the Kimber Super Carry Pro HD stainless steel 1911. After shooting over 500 rounds in it for break-in, I must say that I’m sadly disappointed. I love the weight of the gun and I love shooting it. However, it is still having feeding problems – mainly stove piping and failure to fully inject the round. I also don’t appreciate the manual safety partially activating all-by-itself causing function failure during a firing sequence. My Kimber has approximately a 40%-50% dependability rating. I have at least 1 to 2 feeding failures per each 8-round magazine. I carry my Glock 27 as my backup gun because I’ve never had a problem with it. I’ve been in Law Enforcement for over 30 years and I’ve shot Law Enforcement stock competition for several of those years. Sadly, I’d have to report that I would not trust my life to a Kimber in a gun-fight. And in Law Enforcement, that’s as poor a rating as a weapon can get!

  48. Kimber Maybe says:

    Adding in here on the bad side things.

    I purchased a new SCP a few weeks ago and have about 400 rounds through it. Nothing but frustration. It?s going back to factory today, customer service was quite agreeable which is a good sign. Issues thus far:

    Should have been worried when brand new gun and slide locked back, slide release would not function without EXTREME pressure
    Cannot make though entire mag (Kimber, Chip, Sig, Metalform) without at least one failure to return fully to battery. Many times I have 4-6 failures per mag.
    Mags with 8 rds almost impossible to insert or release slide
    Chips w 8 rds almost impossible to load into the magwell
    Failure to return to battery can sometimes be cleared by pushing the slide fully forward with thumbs, sometimes requires tapping muzzle on range table, sometimes impossible to achieve and have to drop mag, attempt to clear round, bang on sides of slide, swear, spit, etc.
    Releasing slide on full mag, about 50% of time, slide stops with round just beginning to reach chamber
    Several hot shells bounced off forehead
    All the above have occurred when gun has been cleaned and lubed between range visits
    I would estimate failure rate at least 75% if not higher

    Have seen some comments about limp wristing, but given the above issues, even were that the case, the inability to open the slide when it isn?t fully in battery is unrelated to limp grip. And I have other 1911s, Sig. 357, .40s, so I am hardly afraid of the .45 round.

    My suspicion is the barrel linkage is severely misfit. As for brass on forehead maybe they can replace the extractor.

    I will update everyone once the pistol comes back. I didn?t buy this gun to carry per se just liked the look and feel, and maybe if was 100% confident would have carried it. It?s one accurate pistol but haven?t been able to fully appreciate that with the constant failures and always looking at back of slide to see if returned fully to battery makes it hard to maintain focus on target.

    I see some posts from the poly pistol crowd, and I own those too. I like 1911s for the pleasure of shooting, accuracy, weight, so forth. If all any of us cared about was reliability, only Glock would still be around and we?d all drive a Camry. The joy is in finding what we like, and when we pay good money for it, we expect it to perform, be it guns or cars or whatever.

  49. TOM ROOT says:

    I purchased my Kimber Super Carry Pro about 1 year ago, brand new. It sat in the box for about 6 months before I really had a chance to shoot. Took it to the range and after the 2nd stock mag, it was not letting the slide go all the way forward, about 1/4-1/2 inch from full battery. Once I pushed it forward, then it fired till the next magazine. I oiled properly and thought that would fix the issue, not so. Finally have about 300 rounds through and still having same issues. Kimber is accurate and feels good, but am frustrated that for $1400 it does not shoot perfectly out of the box. After reading all the comments from owners, it sounds like there are definitely issues. Extractor, slide stop etc. I really like the SCP, but I want this for carry, and need it to be reliable. Did not want to send back to factory, but that may be my only solution.

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