Kimber K6S DASA TK Custom Revolver Spring Kit

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A Very Stressful Day

Don’t ask me why I do these things to myself. In over 20 years of Carrying revolvers one of the primary rules I have lived by is to never ever modify the trigger in anyway. I mean think about it the trigger mechanism is the first action that makes your boom stick go boom. After thinking about this some, I knew if I kept the original springs I could always go back to the original manufacturer setup. I badly wanted to test the TK Custom Kimber K6S Spring Kit simply to see if it was just a gimmick. 


I mean seriously could anyone out there really improve upon a Kimber K6S trigger? When this revolver first hit the market it was one of the most innovative revolvers the firearm industry had seen in a long time. It was mostly branded as the lightest/smallest 6shot revolver ever made. Frankly these qualities of the revolver didn’t get much attention because everyone was commending Kimber’s work on the revolvers trigger. The Kimber K6S was being heralded as having the smoothest non-stacking double action factory trigger to have ever been produced. I must say even I was impressed and even considered parting with every J-Frame revolver I had.

The Only CCW Revolver Needed


Let’s Get To Work

What the heck let’s give TK Custom Kimber Revolver Spring Kit a try. Like I said I can always go back to factory setup. I disassembled the Kimber K6S and was shocked at a number of things. One I could see why the trigger was so smooth. Seems as if all the right pieces hand been slicked up by hand. I mean is that even possible to mass produce a revolver with hand fitting these very small trigger parts? These parts were slick and smooth in all the right places. Secondly I was shocked to find that my revolver was loaded with white lithium grease inside, this revolver has been shot and trained with not just carried since 2017. So I was shocked to find so much of these grease.




  • Kimber 9lbs consistent trigger from the original 12lbs. 
  • Fits: Kimber K6s and DASA Models
  • 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel
  • TKC Cylinder Stop Spring
  • TKC Rebound Slide Spring
  • TKC Main Spring
  • TKC Extended Firing Pin & Reduced Firing Pin Spring

Though Tk Custom states it will reduce the factory trigger weight from 12 to 9 pounds. I found my trigger according to my RCBS trigger gauge was a little above 10 pounds and the swapping of the springs reduced it to 8 pounds. To orchestrate this change and clean the inside of the revolver took me all of 10 to 15 minutes with the right tooling. A rebound slide spring tool is essential for this task. 

Feeling good about what I had just accomplished I headed to the range with 250 rounds of ammunition.

Range Evaluation



Finishing Up The Day

I was very excited and ambitious, I was determined to fire all 250 rounds. Unfortunately I fell a little short. Though the larger grips I put on the Kimber K6S helps control and soak up the recoil.

I fell about 50% short, TK Custom mods had me so excited I sort of forgot how 357Magnum felt in this little snubby. I did manage to fire 125 rounds and excited to report 100% reliability.

I honestly didn’t think it could get any better but TK Custom has proved me wrong. The feel is better and reliability is just as good if not better than the factory setup. You are going to want to stay tuned as I get close to 250 rounds through this revolver I plan to capture and share video with you of the 250th round being fired. Wish me well on this journey with 100% reliability hopefully.

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