Kestrel As Simple As 1-2-3: Truing Out Your 22 Rimfire

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Using A Kestrel To Set Your Dope Card

The 22Rimfire world is on FIRE right now especially the long range matches, NRL22 and PRS type.  When starting out most focus on the basics of the rifle, the best barrel your money can buy, the best trigger, chassis and scope. This starts to add up very quickly, unfortunately you have probably forgot about one of the most important items, environmental conditions. Yes understanding environmentals can be the difference between you finishing on top of the score board or on the bottom. If your hard headed like me and believing the Marine Corps gave you all the knowledge you need to be on target you might be in trouble. I have been on the fence about a Kestrel for a very long time, the cost has always prohibited me from doing so along with the learning the curve. I am always game to learn something new, it is very entertaining to me I really enjoy it but I have always questioned would it make a difference for me down range on target. Well my buddy Ray over at XRing has just cleared the table and made it as easy as you can imagine to go on the learning Kestrel adventure.

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