JP Enterprises 22LR Upper Break In

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Even when going through the task of having to break in a barrel shooting 22LR is still a lot of fun.

Me and my brother from another mother enjoyed an hour or so on the range breaking in a JP Enterprises 22LR Upper to their exact spec.

I don’t know, does a 22LR barrel really need to be broke in this way? Doesn’t matter we followed the exact directions and it seemed to make a difference.

This is the first 10 rounds through the bore at 50 yards outdoors with about 6mph winds according to my weather app.

After getting to the point where we completed the first 60 round procedure we shot 10 rounds for accuracy again and what a difference.

The JP Upper is outfitted with a brand new Athlon scope. My first time looking through this scope I was absolutely amazed, very bright and crystal clear.

While also breaking in the JP Upper we had a few other 22 rifles on the range with us today. A CZ452, CZ455 and Lithgow LA101, all of these rifles have generally shot really well but I decided to use JB Bore paste on these rifles as well to really clean the barrels. All shots from these 3 rifles were 10 shots at 50 yards, the first two shots from the CZ452 and Lithgow LA101 was definitely impacted by the cleaning before they started to settle down. The CZ455 seemed not to be impacted at all.

CZ452 First 10 shots after cleaning

Lithgow 101 First 10 shots after cleaning

Lithgow LA101 second round 10 shots

CZ455 First 10 Shots after barrel cleaning — Amazed that cleaning seemed to have no effect at all

I know big bore long range shooting and competition is all the rage right now but Range fans do not let your 22’s become safe queens. It becomes even more fun when you get family members out on the range with you for a friendly family competition.


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