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Today my Dayattherange would be a cold wet one. I knew there was a chance of rain but decided to test anyway. The cloudy dark skies should have been a good indicator I might get wet. With the firing line being under shelter I was less worried about myself, but having my chronograph in the rain is not something I was looking forward to or wanted to have happen. Luckily I would finish my chronograph testing before the rain would start, the dark skies would make it difficult as 4 shots were not read by the chronograph.

Today I would be testing 5 brands of factory ammunition.

The rifle of choice would be the Ruger American Ranch Rifle which you all have seen before in previous test, with a little bit of a twist. Today mounted atop of the rifle is a Redfeild 6-18x Revenge Scope. Previously a Vortex 3-9 was utilized for the other test. I decided to switch a few scopes around to add a little more reach to the Ruger. In the future I plan to take some of the most accurately tested ammo and stretch it out to 200yards or more.


The Barnes Vor TX with 110gr BlackTip proved to be the most accurate with the Ruger 300 Blackout. I was really hoping to see Team Never Quit Fare a bit better so I shot two 5 shot groups with that ammo. In future articles I plan to test this ammo in different rifles when I can meet up at the range with my other 300 Blackout buddies.

ADIMSR which is Australian Munitions recently entered the US ammunition market but have been making ammunition for over 130 years. According to ADI’s website this ammunition features ADI?s ?Ballistic Temperature Independence? propellant which reduces the variation in pressure over a wide range of temperatures (-65.2 degrees F to +176 degrees) making for a more consistent performing ammunition. Having performed this test in the wet cold environment I hope to be able to test this ammunition in the heat of summer to see what the chronograph tells us about this specialized propellant used by ADI. If you do not reload for the 300 Blackout this could be a cost effective all around plinking/hunting round for you. It is packaged in some very unique packaging and comes in a box of 50 and can also be had in a ammo can of 900.

RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Barnes VOR TX 2.245 110gr BlackTip Low 2302 2311 20 10 0.464 35 Degrees N/A
Hi 2322
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A ADIMSR 2.147 144gr 1969 1976 33 12 2.437 35 Degrees N/A
Hi 1993
Low 1918
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Remington 2.145 120gr Low 2113 2138 62 26 1.128 35 Degrees N/A
Hi 2175
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Team Never Quit 2.075 125gr Nosler BT 2099 2091 56 20 2.086 35 Degrees N/A
Low 2063
Hi 2119
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Hornady 2.095 110gr Vmax 2415 2412 35 17 2.235 35 Degrees N/A
Hi 2428
Low 2393

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