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December 27, 2014 Update

Read carefully — It is best to also inspect or what I refer to as once over your factory ammunition also!

I did not shoot these loads on December 27, 2014 as I have fallen a little behind in getting articles posted to the blog. If you are a frequent reader you may have noticed a number of articles being posted to the blog in late December as I am catching up on blogging on the days I had off for the holidays.

I really wanted to get this posted sooner considering some of the data on the Remington factory ammunition I discovered. If you have read the original post here you already know I had pressure problems with Factory Remington 115gr 300Blkout ammunition blowing primers. Unfortunately for a second time I had additional problems with a different box of Remington Factory 115gr ammunition. At this time due to quality control issues I can’t recommend the Remington Factory 115gr Supersonic ammunition with LOT# G58116014 Part#L300AAC2.

For the readers of this blog I want to try and develop as many safe hand loads and chronograph as many factory 300Blkout loads as possible all dependent upon funding of course. For piece of mind and safety precautions it is now time for me to move away from Remington Factory Supersonic. As of this writing the Remington factory 220gr subsonic ammunition has been very solid with no issues at all.

Though I did not have any issues with exhibiting any signs of over pressure with this box of Remington 115gr ammunition, I did notice something rather odd. It seems the bullets themselves were of a mixed variety in the same box. Some had a cannelure and some did not. So I disassembled one with a cannelure and one without to find, the cannelure bullet weighing 115gr, non cannelure weighing 125gr, both cases had what seemed to be very close to 18.2gr of H110 powder. Of course ammunition manufactures do no use canister grade powders like us reloaders so again I state it is very close in resemblance to H110 powder. To ensure the correctness of this information I weighed bullets and powder on two different scales.

I have contacted Remington for safety precautions but I have since disassembled this box of ammunition, discarding the powder, to use the cases and bullets at a different time with my own loads. I do not know if this is the same lot number in the previous batch,?at this time I can’t remember if I purchased these at the same time or not, it is high probability I did.

This post is meant to be informative and a safety warning, not a bashing of Remington as I have fired one other box of supersonic ammunition from them successfully. In the course of over 3 boxes to have 2 with QA issues make me uncomfortable therefore prevents me from recommending this particular product. Remington 115gr 300Blkout ammunition with?LOT# G58116014 Part#L300AAC2. Your experience may be totally different from mine.

Even with some of my Remington frustration, there were no mishaps and I still got to test my handloads which makes for yet another great dayattherange. Though I am still seeking to get an acceptable accurate subsonic load with the cast coated 203gr bullets from?http://www.blackoutbrass.com/. But that’s part of the fun right, tuning your loads.

If you have some factory loads you would like to see tested just let me know. If the ammunition happens to be affordable and I have the funds at the time I will test them, the same goes for if you care to send a factory sealed box of ammunition.


Rifle Barrel Length Gas Tube Length Ammunition – Powder-Manual COAL Bullet Weight/Bullet Type Velocity FPS Average Velocity FPS ES SD Group Size Weather Conditions Bolt Lock Back
Sun Devil Lower CMMG Barrel 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist Pistol Reload Accurate 1680 – 9.7gr 1.950 Palmetto Coated Bullets 203gr 1024 1010 53 22 3.596 47 Degrees Bad Overcast Y
Hi 1024
Sun Devil Lower CMMG Barrel 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist Pistol Reload H4198 – 11.5gr 2.258 Hornady 208gr AMAX 1222 1219 49 20 1.611 47 Degrees Bad Overcast y
Hi 1242
Low 1193
Sun Devil Lower CMMG Barrel 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist Pistol Reload H4198 – 11.0gr 2.210 220gr Sierra Match King 1129 1176 83 34 1.781 47 Degrees Bad Overcast Y
Hi 1212
Low 1158
Sun Devil Lower CMMG Barrel 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist Pistol Remington Factory 220gr 2.210 Remington 220gr 1163 1163 65 27 3.621 47 Degrees Bad Overcast Y
Low 1128
Hi 1193
Sun Devil Lower CMMG Barrel 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist Pistol Remington Factory 115gr 2.205 Remington 115gr Hi 2398 2367 84 34 4.909 47 Degrees Bad Overcast Y
Low 2314

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