Join the Excitement: Dayattherange Easter Egg Hunt 2024

| March 31, 2024 | 6 Comments

Andy L Beautiful Winchester 52B


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6 Comments on "Join the Excitement: Dayattherange Easter Egg Hunt 2024"

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  1. bill ball says:

    Andy L ,
    That is some fine shooting with your 52B. What power glass are you using ?

  2. 20X Malcom I just love that combo.

  3. Andy L. says:

    Bill Ball – Thanks – I’m using a 14x Lyman Super TargetSpot. For this challenge, I wish that it was a 20x…

  4. bill ball says:

    That isn’t much horse power for 50 yards. Good shooting

  5. Andy S. says:

    Love this challange seems so easy then you shoot a half a brick of center X tring to clean it you realize its just as difficult as any other challange I love it! I will submit my score today hope everyone is doing well blessings to you all.

  6. Lawrence says:

    It was fun watching Kathy shoot this. She’s really come a long way. When I first started shooting with her, she had no experience shooting with a scope. She is also left eye dominant, so she made a switch to shooting left handed (both rifles and pistols). She’s been shooting with me for about a year now, so she’s really impressed me. As I watched through the spotter, it was hard not to get excited, as she made perfect hits on these eggs. But like some of the rest of us, those small eggs in the middle, got her flustered a little bit. The clean misses were probably a good thing, as we know, if we hit the egg twice, points get deducted. Both Kathy and I want to thank Eli for allowing us to participate in these challenges, even though we don’t post videos on Youtube. They are definitely a blast!!

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