HSM 10MM: Cold Weather Testing Part1

| December 9, 2017 | 2 Comments

HSM has been assembling ammunition since 1968. Today they produce six brands of ammunition — Hunting, Cowboy Action, Bear Load, Varmint, Pro Pistol and Self Defense. Today I will be cold weather testing Bear Load and Pro Pistol loads. I will shoot 6 rounds of this ammunition across the chronograph from two pistols, Ruger Blackhawk 10mm and SR1911 10MM. The chronograph will be setup 3 yards down range. To test for accuracy these loads will be fired from a bench pistol rest at 25 yards.

I fired 6 rounds through the SR1911 and Ruger Blackhawk in 27 degree weather to find out how sensitive this ammunition is to cold weather. Part 2 will consist of firing the same loads with the same pistols in weather above 60 degree’s. Stay Tuned for Part 2:

SR1911 Ruger 10MM Unboxing

Unboxing of the SR1911 10MM

SR1911 10MM Range Visit

SR1911 10MM First Range Visit

Ruger Blackhawk 10MM Stainless Unboxing

Lipsey’s Exclusive Ruger Blackhawk 10MM Unboxing

Ruger Blackhawk 10MM Stainless RansomRest

Lipsey’s Ruger Blackhawk 10MM: Ransom Rest Accuracy Test

SR1911 Ruger 10MM Chronograph Results 180gr HSM
Group Size = 1.8′ at 25yds — Pistol Rest
Lowest = 1069
Highest = 1093
Average = 1078
Extreme Spread = 24
Standard Deviation = 9

SR1911 10MM Chronograph Results 200gr HSM
Advertised Velocity = 1041 – 481 ft pounds.
Lowest = 1015
Highest = 1053
Average = 1038
Extreme Spread = 40
Standard Deviation =14

Ruger Blackhawk Stainless 10MM Chronograph 180gr HSM
Lowest = 1116
Highest = 1149
Average = 1132
Extreme Spread = 33
Standard Deviation = 12

Ruger Blackhawk Stainless 10MM Chronograph 200gr HSM
Advertised Velocity = 1041 – 481 ft pounds.
Group Size = 1.1′ at 25yds — Pistol Rest
Lowest = 1070
Highest = 1109
Extreme Spread = 39
Standard Deviation = 13

The advertised velocity of the Bear Loads were pretty much the same as the results I achieved today. Which could lead one to believe that the cold had no effect at all on this ammunition, though I still plan to test these loads in warmer weather conditions.

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  1. Charles says:

    I’m always interested in off-brand ammo, but those “bear loads” are not bear loads. there are .40SW 180 grainers that do 1050 ft/s, and .40SW+P that do 1100. maybe bear loads for .40SW but not in a 10mm. the Blackhawk kicks them out faster than the SR1911; can you tell us why? you didn’t say what the barrel lengths were.

  2. Barrel lengths are

    Blackhawk 6.5in
    Ruger SR1911 5in

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