HK USPc 45

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Chris at Shoot Smart shooting


AMMO USED (110rds)
American Eagle FMJ (50)
Winchester White Box FMJ (50)
Speer Gold Dot .45 +p HP?s (10)

My USP is equipped with Trigger group Variant 1(D A/SA Decocker/Safety). This variant allows the user to carry the pistol ?cocked and locked? with the manual safety engaged. The user can also carry the pistol in double action mode with or without the safety engaged. Having the double action also allows for a second strike capability in case of a misfire. The USP also has a spurred hammer, which can also be placed into a half cock position by pulling the trigger approximately half way, thus allowing the user to cock the hammer back manually with the thumb into single action mode. The USP also has a ambidextrous magazine release, and an integrated rail into the frame for mounting weapon lights and laser aiming devises.

This gun has a genuine combat presence. The HK logo, model and caliber are expertly milled into the slide. The slide design is slick and detailed. The rear cocking serrations are pronounced and angled to compliment the angles of the gun. The HK USPc has a black polymer frame and blued steel slide. The trigger guard has stippling on its front face for tactical shield use, and is large enough for use with a glove hand. Both front and rear steel high contrast sights are dovetailed. The grips are stippled on the sides, and have grip texture on the front and back strap I?d describe as mini raised pyramids.

Flawless operation. I shoot my USP almost every time I go to the range. This gun has seen several thousand rounds with never a hiccup. I put 800 rounds of nasty cheap Wolf ammo though this gun in the past with no issues.
Despite the fact that the USP compact lacks the recoil reduction system of the full size USP, recoil is light and extremely manageable. As shown in one of the target pictures I included, while rapid firing, follow up sight acquisition is fast and smooth. The USP compact does not throw your hand around after a shot. This gun is an absolute blast to shoot. (no pun intended). It?s easily one of my favorites. I?ll never sell it.

The accuracy of this gun is outstanding. As you can see from the 7yrd target, I blew out the center with ease. Line up the sights and bullet goes where you want it. Even at 24 yards most of my shoots landed inside the target sticker. I humbly admit that I?m more accurate with my USP than I am with my Glock 23.

? usp457yards


I cant find any. Maybe HK could have just put a Picatinny rail on the frame instead of their proprietary design and having us to go out and get the adapter?

Outstanding firearm in every aspect. The USP more than lives up to H&K?s flawlss reputation. All the features one would expect and/or need in a carry, home defense, or even target/range gun. If I didn?t shoot/carry Glocks so much, I would be carrying this.
TARGETS ? All shot off hand in a semi-rapid fire (1 shot every 3-4 seconds). Exception is target 1 (orange) shot rapid fire ? 1 shot every second.


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