Hi-Lux CMR8 LPVO On A Colt M4 First Range Outing

| November 26, 2023 | 1 Comments

Punching Way Above It’s Weight Class

Keep in mind this is our first family outing with this setup, but do plan to have many more family outings with it. Yes it was just that good of a value, coming in at $399.

The CMR8 is a LPVO 1-8×24 30MM tube. I was truly impressed with the 1X as it was like looking thru a red dot, it is closely calibrated to a true 1X. This made it very fast and easy to shoot with both eyes open and  provided a great field of view.

The tube is made of high aircraft grade aluminum that’s been Type III hardcoat anodized. It sports capped low profile turrets that are highly audible but not as crisp as I prefer. Though with the unique b-DOT BDC reticle this is not much of an issue because as once zeroed at 50 or 200 yards, put the caps on the turrets and you are good to go out to 600 yards with 223 or heavy 308 ammo. Frankly I have a scope that cost twice as much as the this unit and the turrets on it aren’t as good as whats on the CMR8. The CMR8 has actually made me question the purchase of that particular scope but I digress. The turrets windage and elevation are 1/2 click MOA. The scope weights in at 18.7oz and has a generous eye relief of 3.8in.


The b-Dot Fiber Optic Illumination is bright, which provides a true daylight-bright center dot that quickly draws your attention and provides .5minute aiming point. The magnification ring and fast focus eye piece is equipped with diamond cut knurling, very aggressive and slip resistant if you are wearing gloves or not. There is even a throw lever included in the box which makes for smooth easy transition from 1X to 8x power.

Let’s Take It To The Range

The hand holding of the camera is not a true representation of how clear this optic is to the eye.

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  1. Dale Hubbard says:

    Your corrosion test was conducted with the oil-based Rig #2, which is both a lubricant and preservative, i.e., to prevent corrosion. Is there any chance you could repeat the test with the Birchwood Cssey product of “RIG Universal Gun Grease”? That is a product dedicated ONLY for fireram preservatin and corrosion protection.

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