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Bed Side Companion?

Over the past few years the 10mm has become of interest to me. Unlike most who believe this is a round going the way of the dinosaur. I have seen this fan base grow and continue to evolve. There are a few vendors whom are still producing platforms for this great round. The likes of Glock, EAA, Colt and of course Smith and Wesson are vendors who still support the 10mm. After looking into each of these vendors and handling each version of their weapons I decided on the S&W 610.

The Smith & Wesson 610 is a double-action revolver chambered in 10mmauto. It is made of stainless steel and is based on the N Frame. This is the same platform the S&W model 629 .44 Magnum is built upon.? So this should give you some indication of its strengths and durability. The two models I had to chose from in my local shop was the 4″ or 6 barrel versions.? For my purposes as a home defense and range weapon I decided on the 4 version.

The 10mm round was developed for the semi auto crowd and due to it being a non rimmed cartridge, you must use full moon clips if you expect to eject these cartridges like you do with standard or rimmed based cartridges out of a revolver. In my testing, I did find that the full moon clips aren’t necessary to fire this weapon with the 10mm. Since the 40S&W cartridge was developed based on the 10mm the S&W 610 is very capable of firing 40S&W also. To fire the 40S&W cartridge you will need the full moon clips as the case is to short and will recess deep into the cylinder. The full moon clips does have it’s advantages, making for very quick reloading allowing you to drop an entire full moon clip of 6 rounds into the cylinder at once. A definite plus in defensive situations. The clips are easily loaded by hand and unloaded using a simple de-mooning tool.

The S&W 610 is a very solid platform. The 4 version balances well and points naturally. Due to the heft of the N Frame and length of its barrel it balances center of mass which has a very nice feel. The testing done was with my own reloads and not factory ammunition. Though I can usually achieve better results of accuracy with my own reloads, I was not very happy with this outcome. The caveat here is that I am still developing my 10mm loads to get the results I am looking for. Only having put 50 rounds of ammunition through this weapon I am positive I can tighten my groups with more practice along with the proper load.

The first test of 6 rounds was from the Isosceles Stance using a two handed grip unsupported. Distance of 7 yards and I took Approximately 11 seconds to fire 6 rounds.
180gr Berry Bullet, 6.0gr of the new AutoComp powder, Winchester Large Pistol Primer.

The second test consisted of 6 rounds from the Isosceles Stance using a two handed grip unsupported. I took Approximately 11 seconds to fire 6 rounds.
Distance 15 yards
180gr Berry Bullet, 6.0gr of the new AutoComp powder, Winchester Large Pistol Primer.

The next test was conducted with 40S&W ammo that shoots 2 inch groups easily out of my Sig 226 and Glock 22. Unfortunately with the 610 I did not achieve the results I was looking for. The grouping was not bad but again the point of impact was low. Due to this low point of impact I only tested the 40S&W ammo out to 7 yards.

Now before you write off the S&W 610 take into consideration that I have very little practice on this platform. With only about 50 rounds down range at this time.

Revolvers are generally considered to be among the most reliable handguns. The S&W 610 is no exception.
As for replacing my trustworthy 4 model 65 as my bed side companion it will not. Though this is not a short coming of the weapon it is more of a short coming of myself. I have to be very confident and certain in my abilities to be able to protect my family from harm. With a little more time and effort on my part or in the right hands this platform would make the ideal bed side companion. Its heft helps to prevent recoil which allows for faster follow up shots. Also for it to only have a 4 barrel there is very little muzzle flash which was of concern, due to possible low light deployment inside the home.

Overall, the Smith & Wesson 610 is an exceptional revolver. But for now as my bed side companion I am sticking with what’s tested tried and true, my model 65.

Hope you enjoyed the review, I now must go and apologize to my long time faithful friend for having tried to retire it as a fun range gun only.

As a piece offering to my model 65. I present to you all a picture of my bump in the night gear.
The reloading information on this page has proven to be safe and reliable for me and my S&W 610. It is also well within specs of what the manufacturer recommends. Do not consult any of this data without first referencing the proper reloading manual.

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  1. John says:

    Have you shot any 10mm using moon clips. I have shot quite a few rounds of .40 S&W at our tip over plates @ 25 yards. The moon clips are great. Pull one out and slap in another. Empty them later. I’ve had good results, but I haven’t put it to the paper test. It’s just more fun to knock the plates over and over and over. Just wondering if you have used moon clips with 10mm loads. I don’t relish the idea of poking each empty cartridge out with a stick.


  2. admin says:

    I have shot many 10mm rounds with moonclips in this platform which has been very reliable. It is time for me to update this review, as I have become very proficient with this platform. RIMZ moonclips are awesome if you ever have to buy any additional moon clips.

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