Happy 238th Birthday Marines

| November 10, 2013 | 1 Comments

To my alma mater, my past and present brethren and Devil Dogs whom has dawned the uniform of the greatest, most lethal fighting force the world has ever known, our United States Marine Corps. I spent part of the day celebrating this great day with friends who treated me to their arsenal of AR10’s and 300 Blackout with suppressor putting rounds down range.

Thanks fellas I had a great time, though the AR10’s are serious business I had the most fun with the 300 Blackout and Suppressor. Ive heard air rifles that were louder.
HappyBDay Corp (1)


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  1. Gagan says:

    I too stand wholeheartedly beihnd the idea of EVERY American carrying a firearm to protect themselves from an evil, tyrannical, Socialist/Marxist Federal Gov’t which the 2ND Amendmentwas designed specifically for. 4 legged critters, although not listed in our Bill of Rightsdo tend to create a problem of their own in the scheme of things. As far as what a person needs to pack to protect from such bigguns; I suspect the best firearm is the one they will actually choose to carry. I my humble opinion, and based on what I would carry under similar circumstances leans to the .41 Magnum in it’s varied and assorted designs. I like the Taurus Tracker in .41 Magnum, 4 , 5-shot loaded with the cor-bon 265 gr.gc lfn at about 1200 fps. That load is all I can handle as I suffer from Fibromyalgia /Arthritis and simply can’t handle the recoil of the bigger Bigguns! I have shot the .41 since 1971 & know what it is capable of doing using bullets as light as the 170 gr. Sierra JHC up to the 265 s. I have seen penetration of up to just over 2 on a raking shot on deer at about 240 yds with the 170, giving perfect expansion while retaining over 167 grs of bullet. The HARDcast gc bullets of every large calibers will give more than sufficient penetration on anything they hit. Carry it, site it in, & live with it always. If you can’t hit somethingwith it, get something smaller that will save your butt. A cylinder full of .357s with hits will serve far better than 3 misses with the .454 Casull. Aim Right-Shoot Straight-&- Live with Honor/Integrity. the41magnumman, Terre Haute, IN

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