Glock 34 Review and Range Report

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In my quest to simplify my current conceal carry guns it has been difficult if not a chore to not notice the benefits of the Glock platform. My first GLock I purchased was the G26. Then I went to the 1911 platform. For sake of simplicity and ease of use coupled with the ability to change all parts inhouse and more affordable than the previously mentioned platform I made up my mind to commit to the Glock platform and take advantage of what it has to offer. There are plenty of info about that so I?ll move on to the G34?s maiden voyage out and what I thought of it.

My main carry combination is the G26/G19.
Glock 26

I happened along a good trade local that included the new G34 + the new X300 light. Hard to say no!!!! The first thing I noticed was that the slide is much longer of course and the grip actually more comfortable (in certain ways) than my G19. The G19 is a conceal piece and fits me quite well but the full size G17 frame that the G34 has is well, like going from a Nissan Frontier to say a Nissan Titan as an example Just more room to breath. Also I immediately noticed that the G34 ?pointed? much easier for me than the G19 did. It wasn?t the grip shape so much as the forward weight + extra slide length just got the gun where it needed to be more naturally for some reason. Also the trigger is factory 3.5lb connector and typical G17 smooth trigger vs grooved G19. This change will be my next change to my G19! I love the 3.5lb pull and it shows putting rounds on target. I also like the extended slide stop/release and extended magazine release. I am a big fan of manual hand over slide, pull back release vs using the slide stop/release to get a new magazine in business so this addition wasn?t a big + for me as I don?t use it often. It did come to mind that on a carry piece the extended mag release might be something I wouldn?t want. I?d like to look at the Vickers version to see if it sticks out as far. It was nice to use on the range however. The extended mag release would not be something I would want if I were left handed as it will rub your palm bad.

G34 with X300


Keep in mind I am not a very high round count guy as my weekends are dedicated to making knives and its hard for me to get out to shoot as often as I?d like ? HENSE ANOTHER REASON TO SIMPLIFY CARRY PIECES!!!!

The Range
Luckily I have access to a perfect 25m / 82feet range behind my brother in-laws home. We set up the bench rest at 25m to check the AR?s and shoot the handguns at 21 feet / 7 yards mostly.

First magazine out of the G19 at 7 yards. Still working on my group tightness but it shows where I was for that magazine. It will work so I am not totally unhappy. Also my first magazine with the Warren sights and didn?t know what to expect with the new sight picture vs P.O.I.

Next up is the fist magazine through the G34. Trigger lightness really shined through and the sight radius was also a added factor on keeping the group tighter.

G34 group is top left.

I was pleased with the grouping I got from the G34 but I know I can do better with my G19. Trigger control is key and I went back to the line with my 2nd magazine in the G19. ?Warmed? up and more familiar with the Warren sight picture I did much better with the G19 groupings. Lower left is the next grouping from the G19. As you see much tighter than the first magazine and damn near similar to the G34. The extra weight of the stock G19 trigger weight still has me pulling left.

2nd Magazine through G19 lower left

Mussle flip on the G34 is very minimal and is more of a ?push back? compaired to the G19 I am used to. Very soft shooter!!!

Moving back to the 25M line it is easy to pop at bottles and even pop the smaller balloons we had that are about 3? dia. Mush easier than the G19 but the G19 just takes more time to get the same results.

Overall the G34 is a sweet sweet shooting range gun! I think I would opt got the G17 if I needed a larger duty type weapon as the slide is closed, holster options are more common and the light acts as a standoff as someone mentioned in a G17 vs G34 thread. Speaking of Light!!! All 100 rounds with the light on the G34 = a clean as a whistle lens and no powder residue on light at all. Cant say the same for the shorter G19 with light attached and I don?t have a G17 to compare the G34 to??YET

All in all the G34 makes a great ?Home Land Security? defense light and I am very pleased with this gun.

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