Fusion 10MM Long Slide Range Report

| June 6, 2009 | 3 Comments

After waiting for the gun, and then waiting for the ammo, and then waiting for my schedule to clear up, I finally got to try out my Fusion 10mm.

Ammo was Georgia Arms canned heat 185 grain. I ran 150 rounds through the gun, no issues at all, everything fed and ejected as it should.

After some initial playing on the short pistol range, I decided to give it a go at 40 yards and 70 yards. The plan was to eventually get it out to 100 yards but I ran out of time. This is probably for the better, as I probably need some more work at 70 yards.

The target posted was 5 shots from 40 yards off the bench, and the group measures about 2.25″ which I’m pleased with, especially since 4 of them are pretty tight. The target was on the center of a piece of paper and I was more aiming at the paper since the sight was covering the whole shoot-n-see target.

I didn’t want to make the range cold to collect the target at 70, but I was all over the paper. I’d guess in the 7″ range for groups, but I have a feeling the gun can do a lot better, I just need to practice longer distance with pistols. It is possible the group was much larger, because I either hit near the same hole twice or completely missed the paper with a shot. Not sure which. It is odd checking the spotting scope after shooting a handgun. I’ve shot lots of steel at long ranges, but all I’ve ever heard was the ping from the hit. It is a bit different trying to shoot paper for groups.

Next step is trying to hit what I’m aiming at inside of 50 yards from field positions. Now that I know the gun will do it I’ve got something to shoot for.

Overall I’m really happy with the gun. Bob was great to work with for the whole process.

ETA: Giving credit where due, the photo of the gun is courtesy of Bob and/or Fusion Firearms.

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3 Comments on "Fusion 10MM Long Slide Range Report"

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  1. Glen says:

    I have the same gun and I’ve gotten similar results with the accuracy.
    I just completed an indoor range competition where I placed 2nd, and only fractions of a point behind the 1st place shooter. I was several points above all the previous “Masters” level shooters in the league and far better than I’ve ever done with my Kimber .45.
    When I ordered my gun from Fusion, I got a .40 barrel and a 10mm barrel both fitted to the same bushing and both with 3 springs each. For an indoor competition load, I used 6 grains of Win 231 and a 135grain bullet from Barry’s with a 15lb spring which was supposed to be for the .40 barrel but worked very well for such a light load in the 10mm.
    Excellent performance for a competition load.

  2. John Wesson says:

    I am really wanting to get a Fusion longslide. I have always wanted an M1911 that I could hunt with. The 10mm round will be a little slower than my .41 magnum, but what a platform to shoot from! Do you have any thoughts about which set up is best for hunting and concealed carry?

  3. Robert Weth says:

    I have carried the g20 for nearly 20 years daily as a uniformed patrol officer the range and power have to be experienced to be believed. Recoil not that bad…here in oregon deer often get tangled up in car collisions one head shot is all thats needed.I don’t even carry a rifle anymore here in the woods 100yds is farther then you’ll ever shoot at deer anyway…the 10 is vastly superior to the 45 auto even when loaded to 45 super power levels.The 180 gr XTP leaves NOTHING to be desired and is nearly as deadly as the 44mag.

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