Finish durability test – SVI Infinicoat

| August 8, 2011 | 4 Comments

Here’s my new SVI, with Gun Metal Dark Infinicoat finish. Its a PVD finish similar (or, I suspect, identical) to IonBond.

I was putting some new grip tape on it the other night, and being me, ended up with superglue fingerprints all over my gun. I remembered a gunsmith doing a demo for me with an IonBonded squared of polished steel where he attacked it with a screwdriver and the screwdriver just got a bunch of metal scraped off it and the square was untouched. I figured I’d be good to scrape the superglue off the knife if I was gentle. Then I discovered I didn’t have to be gentle at all. Here’s a video:

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4 Comments on "Finish durability test – SVI Infinicoat"

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  1. Mike says:

    Enjoy your site… Added you to my blog roll at

  2. Andrew says:

    That looks super rugged
    You are nuts for attempting it!

  3. James T Thomas says:

    Perhaps you are not able nor inclined to do other tests on finishes such as this SVI Infinicoat, but rust resistance, particularly on the sharp edges and corners where coatings tend to be thinner, would be informative.
    My initial thought is also that such a hard, synthetic coat might have longevity weakness. Hard to test for that unless an oxygen chamber or UV lamp might be used to speed up the test.
    One other. How would this finish react to a long term; days or weeks, soaking in a solvent bath such as Hoppe’s?


  4. TheWiryIrishman says:

    I’ve never done any sort of corrosion testing. Where I live and with how often I clean and shoot my guns, its never been much of a worry. Plus corrosion testing tends to end with the gun corroded, something I don’t want.

    Infinicoat is a PVD finish, pretty much just IonBond. Its vapor-deposited tungsten carbide, the same process used to coat machine tools. Even though its incredibly thin, its chemically bonded to the gun, so chipping, flaking, and long-term durability aren’t a concern. I shoot and clean pretty much weekly with Ballistol and brake cleaner without any problems, so I think it should be good with solvents, too.

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