Fight At The Old Fart Coral:Kimber82G vs Winchester52D

| June 19, 2021 | 6 Comments

Kimber 82G and Winchester 52D Battle it out at 50 yards with Lapua Midas+

Shoot 3/4in Target at 50 yards no one piece lead sleds allowed, 10 shots per target.

Leader Scoreboard

  100 Yard Scores  
DM MPA Vudoo Midas+ 100-8X 1.5in Target
DM MPA Vudoo Midas+ 99-7X 1.5in Target
Mr. Revolverguy MPA Vudoo Midas+ 98-5X 1.5in Target
Mr. Revolverguy MPA Vudoo Midas+ 98-3X 1.5in Target
Mr. Revolverguy CZ455 LW Barrel PDC Chassis SK Plus 97-4X 2in Target
Mr. Revolverguy CZ455 LW Barrel PDC Chassis SK Plus 91 2in Target
  50 Yard Scores  
Mr. Revolverguy Winchester52D 100-9X
Chris Boogey872 Lithgow LA101 Rws Match Special 100 9x
Chris Boogey872  Lithgow LA101 Geco Semi Auto 100 6x
Mr. Revolverguy Kimber82G 99-5X


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6 Comments on "Fight At The Old Fart Coral:Kimber82G vs Winchester52D"

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  1. hangfire says:

    Great shootout with the ageless Winchester 52 and Kimber. I really like your posts – keep ‘em coming

  2. CRAIG says:

    I have both a Win 52 Pre-A (c1933) and a G82. Both shoot great. But the Win 52 outshoots it every time, no matter the ammo.

  3. David Comenzind says:

    I’ve been waiting to see a Bergara B14R on your day at the range. I have one and it’s really good.
    Great YouTube work I watch all of your work.

    Army retired.

  4. Thanks for the support David, Bergara’s are like unicorns in these parts no one owns one. Maybe one day I will be able to rent one and test it against some of the rifles here.

  5. Mike Topham says:

    Here are some scores at 50 and 100 yards
    50 yard. 100 yard
    Bill Hutcinson – 100 3x & 100 4x. 100 4x & 100 7 x Custom Bergara B-14R
    Ken Butler – 100 8 x & 100 6x. 100 10x & 99 7x
    Mike topham 100 8x & 100 7x. 99 4x. & 98. 3x. Custom cz455 MTr barrel oryx chassy Harrel Tunner SK Pistol Match special
    Robert Pruitt. 100 7x & 100 9x. 99 7 x & 100 8x
    John Martin. 99 9x & 100 5x. 97 7x & 100 1x. Custom Remington 541xr. McGomi 1” barrel Harrel tuner. Midus +
    Ken Vest. 100 6x & 100 7x. 99 5x. & 97 3x. Stock cz457 varmit
    Henry Engrave. 100 9x & 99 7x. 99 7x & 98 5x. Stock Teka 1
    Doug Carter. 99 4x & 100 10x 100 & 92

  6. C Gordi says:

    Good morning…. Love the videos…. Keep them coming.

    For the Unertl scope, check Parson’s. I know they make the springs for the Unertl…. They may have the screw.

    Hope this helps

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