Family Fun With The Hellcat RDP and Hellcat Gen2 Swampfox

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With the rage of micro 9mm’s on the market the family thought we should get out and try them and of course that excited me. On the range with us we had both the Hellcat Gen 2 that did not come with a reddot, my son in law acquired a swampfox reddot for it and I was able to get my hands on Hellcat RDP. Originally I could not understand the price point I was seeing for the RDP, list I understand they have to charge for the optic but after opening the box specifically the accessories portion of the box I quickly understood. In my personal opinion this is a great value. 

Included In The Package:

3 – 13 Round Magazines

1- 11 Round Magazine

1- Tool Package , Base Plate (If you decide to remove the red dot), Reddot adjusting tool, Thread Protector (if the muzzle break is to loud), Magazine loader, Nice carry pouch, various hex wrenches and base plate mounting screws.

1- Hellcat, Wasp Hex Reddot 3.5MOA (2 Year Battery Life, Waterproof), Self Timing Compensator, Tritium U Dot Sights

In firing this pistol for the first time it really drove home practice with what you carry. I watched my entire family struggle to use the Wasp Red dot knowing that I have seen these same people shoot lights out with iron sights. This also reinforced that professional help should always be considered when you are talking about defending yourself or love ones with a firearm. I am sure the entire clan would benefit from professional help in how to properly use a red dot. Though I am sure with more practice I can see it improving our times and scores. 

Pertaining to defense inside the home I most definitely would remove the muzzle break. Though 9mm does not produce that much flash and all of the clan stated it surely reduces muzzle flip we also agreed it was much louder than the Hellcat without muzzle break. To me this had to be significant as we all had hearing protection and a few of us had double ear protection with ear plugs and muffs.

In summary I believe the Hellcat is one mean feline of great value, but will require extensive training if you are a novice to Red dots like I am. Or you can accelerate your adoption of the platform by seeking out a professional training class or two.

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