EC Tuner V2 Stress Test: Can It Make Mediocre Ammo Good or Even Great?

| September 24, 2022 | 4 Comments

EC Tuner V2

Design and Manufactured by Mr. Erik Cortina — Cortina Precision

EC Tuner V2 — I gave it the hardest test/challenge I have seen yet. I take ammo, SK Standard Plus that I know absolutely does not shoot well in this rifle. There is no one better to give an overall review on this tuner than the creator Mr. Erik Cortina. So I will just touch the surface of the features of this device. I am more interested in can the EC Tuner V2 make bad or mediocre ammo good to great?

I Gave Up On SK Standard Plus

I had previously given up on SK Standard Plus. This ammo honestly is the reason I have the Lothar Walther Barrel. There is such a following for this ammunition that I decided to try it in my factory CZ 455 Barrel, the results were awful. Though us 22LR shooters know this can happen from lot to lot and brand to brand so not really fair to SK Standard. This same ammo did shoot great in my daughters Kidd Barrel 10/22. Please do not try to understand my rationale, I had so much of that lot of sk standard at the time before giving much of it to my daughter I used it as an excuse/reason for getting a new barrel lol. Unfortunately the new barrel didn’t make much of a difference with groups like this.


The Challenge

I had made up in my mind when this was all tested I wanted no ambiguity about the results. Not to mention there was a bit of a burning desire to NOT GIVE UP on SK Standard Plus with this rifle. One of these days I will learn to let go of some things. I knew if the tuner would make for more consistent groupings with this ammo I would end up with crystal clear results. It also felt like the fairest test because this Lothar Walther Barrel has shot very well with just about every other brand of ammo it has been tested with.

Does the tuner work is this conclusive or not?


3 Shot Group Tuner Set on 5 First Revolution

3 Shot Group Tuner Set on 45 – 2 Revolutions In

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4 Comments on "EC Tuner V2 Stress Test: Can It Make Mediocre Ammo Good or Even Great?"

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  1. Phil says:

    Enjoyed the video, got my EC V2 tuner today.

    I would fine tune up and down from 5 if I were you. 45 + 2 rev has too much vertical dispersion in it.

    If you can get this good with junk ammo, just think how good it would be with your best grouping ammo. On the other hand, you probably did all your lot testing and selected your best ammo on a barrel without the tuner.

    Question for you…how would you lot test with the tuner on? Would you set it to mid range 45 or the first zero mark?

  2. You actually got the full message of the video. I was trying my best to imply if it made this much of a difference just imagine how GREAT AMMO would be. In answering your question and lot testing with good ammo I would start at zero and go from there.

  3. Damon says:

    love your honest videos.
    after all your testing, do you feel like one tuner worked better than the other.
    Harrell vs EC V2. or do you feel they both preform about the same?

    thanks for all your great content.

  4. Damon,

    Hey thank you for support and encouragement. They both worked for me in my testing and continue to work. Is one better than the other, I would say the ECv2 was much quicker to find the sweet spot and therefore took less ammo in testing.

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