D&L Sports All Purpose 45ACP Ammunition and Ballistics Gel Test

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45ACP Full Cutting Shoulder In A 1911 Blasphemy

D&L Sports lead my Mr. Dave Lauck had a vision way back in 1997 on developing an all purpose 45ACP round. Where have you been all my life D&L Sports but I digress. There is no doubting the greatness of 45ACP even today.


So is there such a thing as a DO IT ALL 45ACP round? One that is ballistically coefficient, accurate and penetrates effectively. One round that you can just stock up on to train with, backpack with, leave on the nightstand at night, Though most important it has to feed 100% reliably in a pistol that was designed around a round hardball projectile, this is asking a lot. 

Background & Improvements

I have known of Dave Lauck for a very long time like many others. Though in 2012 he was awarded the “Pistolsmith of the Year” award from the American Pistolsmith’s Guild. Dave is known for his skills on 1911 Pistols, Revolvers and Rifles. I see something totally different in Dave. I see a humble person with a creative genius and passion for firearms. Every single project he touches seems to have it’s own personal unique qualities which can be seen at DLSprots.com. Though I had no idea he was just as passionate, gifted and creative in ballistics. Maybe one day I will be able to commission him for a Marine Corp’s build similar to.

Elmer Keith SWC style projectiles with their flat noses and sharp edges were a huge improvement on the old hardball freedom pill. For you casters and reloaders freedom pills based on Keith’s design from mold H&G68 is known to deliver enhanced accuracy clean cut holes on paper, deep straight line penetration for hunting and self defense work. As much as I love it and hate to say it, there is one fatal flaw. The design gives 1911’s and many other pistols fits when trying to feed them. By me and many others in the reloading community this design was reduced to competitive revolver action. Can someone like Dave Lauck work over your 1911 and get them to feed reliably sure he can but there is a different more cost effective route.

I learned from Dave himself that his vision really started to come to light after being on a hunting trip with Col. Cooper. Of course these two men would eventually discuss the 45ACP. At that time in 1997 45ACP projectiles were delivering lackluster performance. the 230gr hardball was known for over penetration, hollow points at 45ACP velocities 850 to 900fps were not expanding fully. 

Dave set out to create a round with a full caliber shoulder that would feed reliably in 1911’s. This round would maintain it’s full .452 diameter shoulder much like those from the H&G68 casting mold, but would substitute the round nose profile over the flat nose from the Keith design. 

Range Time & Gel Testing

I want to remind all of us. This was meant as an all purpose round. I know many doubters will think NOTHING is good enough for every situation. Before emotions rise to high let me explain my view of all purpose. If I had to have just one round that gave me a high degree of confidence it would handle business in situations i could potentially end up in. Please know I am not located in bear country and if I were would prefer a few big cans of hot bear spray anyway. I am not a big game hunter and only do it to put food on the table. Now that the bear conversation is out of the way. The most important word here is CONFIDENCE. Something with ultimate reliability and the only way for ME to build confidence is to practice with it. Practice, practice, practice I am not sure about you but firing a box of self defense jacketed hollow point rounds on paper makes me cringe every time I pull the trigger because of the cost. Now I can practice with exactly what I would carry. At today’s prices creditable 45ACP defense ammo would get you 100 rounds for the same price in which you can get 200 rounds from Shootcoloradowest.com

Ok NOW I am very interested. What about the recoil of the 45ACP? Most of the self defense loads of today are 45ACP+P or approaching it. These loads are of standard pressure approximately 16k PSI as it does not need the velocity of the +P rounds to achieve the same terminal performance. With +P loads come increased recoil again for the average person limiting practice and building confidence. With the Hi-Tek coated round nose, cutting edge and Brinell hardness of 17. Dave says this load will give straight line penetration of 19 to 24 inches of penetration depending upon your gel test setup. I have no reason to doubt him but let’s head to the range and see real world performance.

The ammo was tested with 5 different pistols from 8 yards away.

  1.  Sig Sauer Ultra Compact 3.3in Barrel. 5 Shots Avg 799fps, Extreme Spread 9, Standard Deviation 3
  2. Custom Ruger Commander 4in Barrel 5 Shots Avg 856fps. Extreme Spread 14, Standard Deviation 6
  3. CZ 97B 4.8in Barrel 5 Shots Avg 882fps, Extreme Spread 20, Standard Deviation 7
  4. S&W Model 25 6in Barrel 5 Shots Avg 842fps, Extreme Spread 51, Standard Deviation 18

All produced great accuracy and 100% reliability.


For those like me that just loves what the 45ACP brings to the table. But can’t argue with the progress 9mm has made. We have a new argument to debate. With the performance, reliability and cost D&L Sports partnered with Shootingcolorado have brought to the market. You may just find me once again with a 45 on my hip that fits my hand instead of one of the new wonder micro 9mm’s.

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