Did Cleaning Make It Worst? Savage MKII TR & Ranger22

| April 25, 2022 | 1 Comments

Cleaning Regimen

Both rifles went under this surgery in attempt to get them to shoot to what I expect.

3 soaked patches with Hoppe’s #9  (Let sit for 24 hours)

Next morning with plenty of excitement because I knew this would be the fix.

5 passes of brand new 22 bronze brush

5 Dry patches

3 Tipton Felt 22 Pellets (each pellet rolled in jb bore paste each pellet passed thru the bore 15 times)

5 Wet patches of Hoppe’s #9

5 Dry patches

1 Pass of a tight fitting Tipton pellet to make sure the bore was rid of all jb bore paste.



Bore Cam View


So How Does It Shoot?

You Be The Judge


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1 Comment on "Did Cleaning Make It Worst? Savage MKII TR & Ranger22"

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  1. Danny Campbell says:

    One nice thing about the rigor 22 Long rifle magazine is that the spring tension is adjustable all you need to do is use one bullet adjust the spring to where it will feed that last round and you gotta realize that magazine was originally designed for the 1022 automatic and not both actions lightly spring up see if it helps and have a great day

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