Defensive Shooting Challenge — S&W Model 64 vs Ruger Service Six

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Charlie and James over at reminds us we need to get out and challenge ourselves to remain proficient in defensive encounters.

DAY3 S&W MODEL 64 VS Ruger Service Six

Yet again another day on the range with snub nose revolvers trying out the defensive shoot challenge. The S&W model 64 has reigned supreme let’s see if the Ruger Service Six can dethrone the king.


Ruger Service Six — Time = 1.54sec — Time Try 2 = 2.08sec Avg=1.78

S&W Model 64 — Time = 2.03sec — Time Try 2 = 2.02sec Avg=2.025

I ended up short stroking the trigger on the release during both tries with the S&W model 64. Unfortunately it looks like the old king has been dethroned. What do you think range fans should there be another challenge with the Ruger or do I move on with the Ruger as the king?

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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