Dayattherange Sitcom — Tikka, Vudoo, MPA Chassis, KRG Bravo, CZ452, Anschutz 1727F – Blockbuster

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Family and Friends On The Range

I put out the range signal for a family and friends day for the range. It was a little last minute so not everyone could join. Though Big Red knew he had some un-finished business that you range fans were holding him accountable for.  He needed to make progress on his ammo testing with the Tikka T1X and KRG Bravo or I feared you all would be out in front of his house with pitch forks and torches. On this day it would be DM, Big Red and Myself with some of our favorite rifles. Testing our capabilities in what has been one of the windiest days on record for this area in 2022 thus far.


Rifles and Competitors

Big Red — Tikka T1X, Yo Dave Trigger Spring, Vortex Diamondback 6-24, KRG Bravo Chassis, SK Rifle Match except for the last group 😁

DM — Vudoo, Vortex Razor 4.5-27, MPA Chassis, Lapua CenterX

Mr.Revolverguy — CZ452 Bedded, Yo Dave Trigger spring, Bushnell Custom 6-18 Closest to a stock setup as you can get

So many stars in one video this is guaranteed to be a blockbuster. Grab your favorite beverage and snack. Kick your feet up prepared to laugh, frown and be left in suspense. This is a long one folks!


Best Shooter Of The Day

Every time we show up at the range it is guaranteed to be fun and competitive. Though today we were more so competing against the wind than anything. We took our the top 3 tightest groups and took an average.

Big Red 0.256,0.377,0.456 average 0.363


Mr.Revolverguy 0.322,0.371,0.535 average 0.409

DM 0.390,0.427,0.434 average 0.417

Vudoo Sinister White Sparrow Suppressor

DM would close us out with 10 shots from a Vudoo Sinister with White Sparrow Suppressor.


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