Dayattherange 22LR Leader Score Board Callout : CZ455 Varmint

| April 4, 2020 | 10 Comments

Let’s keep this 22 Challenge going, it’s so much fun. Thanks to all who have joined me over at — come shoot your best shot or tightest group 🙂

CZ 455 Varmint group size 0.463in 0.884MOA


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10 Comments on "Dayattherange 22LR Leader Score Board Callout : CZ455 Varmint"

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  1. Michael Harris says:

    Came across you page on YouTube. I’m just starting to get into the 22LR game and I like the content you are producing. I was wondering how I could get the targets you are using.

  2. Look forward to you joining the challenge have fun

  3. CHenry says:

    Mr. Revolverguy,

    I just printed off a few of your targets ” Thanks ” I guess I’ll
    clean my glasses and dust off my 22’s ….. just plinkers !!

    Thanks Again

    Keep the vids coming…..

  4. Jim says:

    I shot a few targets today with CZ452 and my Kidd but have no idea of how to upload them

  5. Replied to your email. You can email me the pictures and I will take care of it.

  6. Leroy Jones says:

    Dear RevolverGuy

    I came across your YouTube vid in the past and again today. Saw the link above for the targets and printed them. What are the rules for this shoot and do I scan and send to you or ?

    Please let me know if this is still active and if I can play.



  7. Check your email.

    I tried my best to cover this in the very first video.

    5 shots per target at 50 yards. Smallest group will be entered in the contest and you will be placed on the leader board.

    Submit Pictures
    Rifle & Ammo
    Description of Rifle

    More pictures are always better as it helps to tell your story and what sort of conditions you were shooting in. Email me the pictures and target and I will get them posted for you.

  8. Foster Price says:

    Hello (from down in New Zealand)

    I just discovered your video channel and Blog here whilst looking for 22 ammo tests.

    You are doing a fantastic job, thanks so much for the very realistic and honest tests with so many different ammo’s and .22 rifles. I have been going quietly nuts here trying to do the Canadian Gun Nutz challenge of 5 x 5 shot groups at 50 yards/metres, all on the same page and all under 0.5″. Neither my rifles (Anschutz 1415-1416 and Winchester 52 replica) and ammo (Fiocchi 320, Eley Match and a few other higher quality match ammo’s) will do it with me behind the butt!! I do have a Vickers Martini target rifle from the 1920’s that shoots better than them both but I want to do the challenge with a sporter.

    Anyhoo I downloaded your target but when I print it (we have metric paper/print down here) I don’t know if I’m scaling it correctly – could you please advise the dimensions of the squares??.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work, appreciated!

    Foster Price

  9. I sent you an email

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