Day2 22LR Accuracy Test: 100 Yards

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On November 22, 2012 I embarked on a journey to try and find accurate 22LR ammunition for a customized 10/22 rifle build I had just completed. With the versatility and fun of the 22LR who can go to the range with just one 22LR firearm? On this day I ended up at the range with two rifles — my customized 10/22 build and a CZ452 Varmint. The test would consist of various brands of 22LR ammunition at 50 yards. I documented Day1 Testing results and Musings Here.

Though I rarely shoot at 100 yard distances with 22LR, I believed this would be a way to kick up the fun meter a notch on the range. Having accomplished what I had sat out to achieve, finding target ammunition for both the Kidd Customized 10/22 and the CZ452 Varmint. At 50 yards for the Kidd 10/22 Customized this proved to be Lapua X-Act for serious target work and CCI-SV for everyday range plinking. Eley Tenex turned in the second best group on the 10/22 but I elected to chose CCI-SV for my plinking ammo because of price. Eley Tenex can usually be had for about $190 for 500 and CCI-SV for approximately $36 per 500. The CZ on the other hand shot most all brands of ammunition I had on hand very well with Lapua X-Act for serious target work with CCI-SV turning in the best groups for every day plinking ammo.

A few days later I showed up to the range with so much gear it quickly reminded me of my beloved alice pack stuffed with 70lbs of gear I once lugged all over God’s green creation as a young lad while serving this country in the US Marine Corps but I digress.

This time I would show up with 3 rifles. The first out of the rifle case on the bench would be the Kidd 10/22 Customized Build.

Rifle Build:
Tactical Solutions Vantage Forest Laminate 10/22 Stock
Tactical Solutions Tru-Tac 1? Med Rings
Mueller 4.5-14x40mm Black APV Scope with Sunshade
Bultler Crek Scope Cap COvers #16 & #34
20? Fluted .920 Bead Blasted Barrel
Trigger Unit two stage red curved 1Lb
Long Magazine Release
Silver Ruger Take Down Screw
V-Block and Screws
Bolt Buffer

The second on the bench would be the CZ452 back again from the 50 yard test.

Rifle Build: CZ452 Varmint All Stock except for work done on the trigger to reduce the trigger pull to 1lb. Weaver Classic 3-9x32AO Scope.



Last but not least and one I am very fond of to be tested ?for accuracy would be my all stock tactical Savage MarkII TR. Topped with a Nikon 3-9x40AO Target EFR.



Testing Conditions:
Range: Outdoors
Distance: 100 Yards
Weather: 62 Degrees 2MPH winds from the east
Bench: Sand Bang Rest Front and Rear
Ammunition 22LR:Lapua Center-X, Fiocchi M320 Match, RWS R50, Fiocchi SM320 Supper Match, Lapua X-Act, CCI-SV, Wolf Match Target, Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS — As you can see I really didn’t test any bulk box ammunition American Eagle Red Box, Federal Champion Blue Box and Blazer as I did in the 50 yard test.
Scopes: All scopes were set to 8x power with AO set to 100 yards.
5 shots measured for accuracy
I received many emails from the Day1 testing about the cleaning procedure and fouling shots between brands of ammunition. This time between each groupings of shots a bore snake lubricated with frog lube was pulled through the bore twice. Then 10 fouling shots were fired with the exact same ammunition before firing the official 5 shot grouping.

Kidd 10/22 Customized Build Averge Group:0557

Considering I have spent very little time at the 100 yard line with 22LR I was fairly impressed with how the rifles performed. Again the Kidd Ultimate proved with the right ammunition it was capable of accuracy I once thought impossible by a semi-auto rifle. The Fiocchi M320 Match proved to be extremely superior over the other brands at 100 yards. Take notice of Fiocchi SM320 Super Match which is supposed to be a tier above Fiocchi M320. I ended up shooting two groups with this ammunition because 2 of the 5 rounds fired during the initial grouping had a noticeably louder report than the other 3 rounds. I believed this to be a QA issue with the ?ammunition causing the larger group size.

CZ452 Varmint Stock with alb trigger work Average Group 0.663

The CZ452 performed flawlessly with the best groups going to Lapua Center-X

Up last would be the Tacticool Savage Mark II TR which I had previously reviewed.?This all Stock Rifle has been back to the factory for work as I mentioned in my previous article linked to above. The bottom metal has also been swapped out with a DIP Thick Plate?and a 1 piece DIP scope mount. Impressed with the Savage TR groupings the best group I could muster was 0.595 with Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS. I truly believe if had I made some adjustments to the accu-trigger of the Savage I could have turned in better groups. After shooting so many rounds in one session with two rifles with trigger pull weights of 1lb the Savage felt extremely heavy at 3 1/2 lbs, measured by the RCBS trigger gage. The accu-trigger is an amazing asset for Savage yet I let it stand in my way on this day at the range by not having adjusted it before leaving home. Of course I did not have the special tool required to make any adjustments to the accu-trigger.

Tacticool Savage MarkII TR Average Group 0.962

Again the mission here was to first have a nice fun relaxing day on the range and second find out which ammunition these 22LR rifles preferred at 100 yards.

22LR Ammunition Comparison
Rifle Fired Ammuntiion Group Size (Bold Indicates Smallest Group)
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 CCI-SV 0.481
CZ 452 Varmint CCI-SV 0.960
Savage MarkII TR CCI-SV 1.241
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Lapua X-Act 0.451
CZ 452 Varmint Lapua X-Act 0.510
Savage MarkII TR Lapua X-Act 1.375
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Fiocchi M320 Match 0.261
CZ 452 Varmint Fiocchi M320 Match 0.945
Savage MarkII TR Fiocchi M320 Match 0.680
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Wolf Match Target 0.934
CZ 452 Varmint Wolf Match Target 0.465
Savage MarkII TR Wolf Match Target 0.974
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 RWS 50 0.682
CZ 452 Varmint RWS 50 0.621
Savage MarkII TR RWS 50 0.927
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Lapua Center X 0.741
CZ 452 Varmint Lapua Center X 0.413
Savage MarkII TR Lapua Center X 1.275
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Fiocchi SM320 Super Match 0.590
CZ 452 Varmint Fiocchi SM320 Super Match 0.891
Savage MarkII TR Fiocchi SM320 Super Match 0.629
Ultimate Kidd 10/22 Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS 0.321
CZ 452 Varmint Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS 0.505
Savage MarkII TR Eley Tenex Ultimate EPS 0.595

For those wishing to compare how the rifles performed, the Kidd 10/22 Build really shined at 100yards producing the smallest average group therefore obviously turning in the highest number of best group sizes overall with 5 to the CZ452’s 3 while the Savage on this day wasn’t able to best any of the other two. The CZ452 again proved to be the most consistent turning in all group sizes below 1″ while both the Kidd 10/22 Build and the Savage MarkII TR both showed groups over 1″ and wide ranges between manufacturers. The quality build of the Savage MarkII is exceptional and I believe with a little trigger tuning it is capable of being a bit more competitive with this group represented here today.

Yet another fun relaxing great day at the range!

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  1. Don says:

    Looks to me like your ruler is busted.
    Look at Kidd M320 target and compare to Eley Tenex – same rifle…

  2. It could be the way I measured sure.

  3. Bob Walters says:

    In a pinch you can adjust the Savage accu-trigger with a small screwdriver. But the best thing you can do for it is to install the Apachee trigger kit. And if you carefully polish the sear/trigger sliding surfaces, without changing the actual engagement geometry, the trigger will be perfect.

  4. Ashley Nicely says:

    Really liked your article, only one caveat: How did you manage to get groups over an inch with the Savage? Along with my daughter, we have three Savage 22lr firearms (Mark II FV, Mark II FVSR, Mark II BTVS), and we always shoot CCI sv. We keep judicious records, and our five shot groups average .785″ over about a thousand targets at 100 yards, below .4″ at 50 yards. We essentially never get a group like 1.375″. I don’t think your numbers are dishonest, and if you hadn’t shot CCI SV I admittedly would have no argument, but something is going on in your test. Did you use the same optics on all the rifles? Did you use more than one shooter on all the rifles? Was your shooting criteria identical for all rifles, were all triggers adjusted to lowest settings, all shot at the same time (like all three rifles with one ammo before moving to the next ammo? Something not in the article is affecting your results.

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