Dance With The Devil Revolver Challenge

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A close friend of mine in a conversation said to me, the 3inch revolver is the absolute best fighting revolver ever made no matter the brand. I told him let’s get our hands on as many 3in revolvers as we possibly can to test his theory. 3in revolvers do seem to be some of the most sought after in the collectors world and in my hands no matter the manufacturer they are the most well balanced.


We were able to coral SA/DA revolver from most every manufacturer that exist today. I am very well aware there are others like Korth, Chiappa and a few others. I did reach out to them to see if they wanted a chance to dance with the Devil they politely declined or I did not get a response. I didn’t really expect anything different for a random stranger like myself to them but thought I would try. As I was personally very interested in understanding why the 3in revolver is so sought after.

In this picture:

  1.  S&W Model 65 — Heavily Modified Cut from 4in to 3in recrowned, trigger job, front night sight. Ultimate Trigger — Throne Arms Gunsmith
  2. Kimber K6s — 3dot sights, Smallest/lightest 6 shot steel revolver made to date. Ultimate Carry
  3. S&W Model 19 — K Frame — Carry Comp, Night Sight, Ported. Mr. Universal
  4. Ruger GP100 — Traditional grips great feel, stout Ultimate Durability
  5. Colt Python 2022 — Traditional sights, red ramp front, stout, butt of the grips rather large even for my big meat hooks. Mr. Hollywood
  6. Guest Appearance Not In Picture — S&W 686 L Frame — Tradition sights, red ramp front, Boot Grips, Ultimate Duty

The Challenge 6-6-6

With every visit to the range yes I am having a lot of fun, often I end the range session deliberately with a little training.

  1. 6 Shots
  2. 6 Yards from target
  3. 6 Seconds par time — Timer set on random start time

All to be fired double action. Starting with the muzzle pointed at the ground waist high or resting on a table waist high.

If there is enough interest we can create classes for 5 shot pocket snubbie and longer barrel revolvers.

Submit Your Scores

All scores with pictures can be submitted to

Example score submission:

Name Revolver Caliber   7in Shots On Target 4in Shots On Target Time  
Mr. Revolverguy Kimber K6s 357 Magnum   6   5.21sec  
Mr. Revolverguy Colt Python 2022 357 Magnum   6   5.40sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W Model 65 357Magnum   6   5.83sec  
Mr. Revolverguy Ruger GP100 357 Magnum   6   5.87sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W 686 CS1 357 Magnum   5   4.71sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W Carry Comp 357 Magnum   6   6.18sec  
      38 Special Class        
Mr. Revolverguy Colt Python 38 Special     5 4.9sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W Carry Comp 38 Special     5 5.59sec  
Mr. Revolverguy Ruger GP100 38 Special     5 5.61sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W Model 65 38 Special     3 4.34sec  
Mr. Revolverguy Kimber K6s 38 Special     3 4.79sec  
Mr. Revolverguy S&W 686 CS1 38 Special     3 5.32sec  


In Summary

The range can be fun even when incorporating training. 3inch revolvers enhances that activity as they are much easier to shoot than their pocket snubbie brethren. Some may see this as breaking one of trainings cardinal rule “Train with what you carry” I too believe strongly in this rule. Pocket snubbies are really easy to carry but can be hard to shoot for some so I also subscribe to every bit of training matters and every round down range counts if you are applying yourself and you learning something from it. I have tried and carried many revolvers and pistols and believe there is no such thing as the “perfect one” as there are to many situational scenarios. Though the 3in revolver is as close as they come to the holy grail of perfection.

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  1. Rod says:

    I know this isn’t a 3″ revolver question…but how would you compare the ownership and shooting experience between your Kimber K6S Combat 4″ and your Turnbull Ruger GP100?

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