Dan Wesson DWX Identity Crisis

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CZ’s growing pains leads to an identity crisis. In early 2005 CZ acquired well renown 1911 manufacturer Dan Wesson. By the way Dan Wesson makes a great revolver also, of course I had to drop that in here. In May of 2021 in the height of the pandemic with Colt yet again in financial trouble CZ closed the deal to acquire Colt. Though I was very skeptical of the Colt acquisition because I was upset with CZ that they weren’t releasing Dan Wesson revolvers that I had high hopes for and still to this day and at this point begging CZ to release the venerable Dan Wesson 44Magnum but I digress. 

You don’t see many 9mm’s handguns on this blog which is a story for another day. Though CZ got me really excited when they talked about the DWX four years almost five years ago now. Like the hope for the Dan Wesson revolver re-intro I lost hope for the DWX understanding that CZ was focused on growing their business with all these acquisitions.  Such a long wait for the DWX along with rumors of production issues I lost interest for it. I still believe these issues were due to lack of focus and being spread to thin. When the DWX finally did get released I had lost my desire to have one even with seeing all the great reviews. By the time you read this article I had  made up my mind that it was just another 9mm, no thank you. Nothing against 9mm but there was a 3rd let down by CZ, should I even mention the CZ97 chambered in 10MM ( my favorite round) oh well another let down.

Then I received a text from my Son-In-Law which read how would you like to review a 9mm. I honestly thought it was a joke and he was poking fun at me. Then this beautiful picture came through.

CZ Now Has My Attention

My reply immediately was ABSOLUTELY. There was only one thing in the way. I have this rule that I will not shoot a pistol belonging to someone else FIRST. I told him only after he has fired it would I like to get my hands on it. As we continue to go back and forth in text it comes out that he has already put a few boxes through it. I start to feel some sort of way like wait he is the first person to know when I get something but he has secrets hmmmm.

Dan Wesson DWX What Is This Thing

At first glance I recognized the lines of the pistol or pistols. The grip frame reminds me of a CZ 75 sporting a full dust cover with picatinny rail, skeletonized trigger with a pull weight of 3 pounds, an ambidextrous safety, while the upper slide, and being a single action only pistol with a hammer reminded me of “Old Bigmouth” a term used to describe the 1911 back in the day rarely heard anymore. But wait this thing has a bull barrel with nice serrations front and rear, with a fiber optic front sight, a windage and elevation rear adjustable sight with a smallmouth (9mm) presentation. This thing is confused or maybe I am confused.

The features make this thing a hybrid of a double stack 1911 sporting 18 rounds of 9mm but with CZ 75 ergonomics. But wait if you were to detail strip this thing you will quickly see dare shall I say a bit of resemblance of Sig Sauer’ish as well. The fire control system comes out of the frame, sort of modular like the Sig 320 lineup. Is CZ planning something top secret for us with this feature? Only time will tell. Big Red (My Son-In-Law) dressed this one up a bit with shorter grips to add a magazine well made for a CZ75 TS 2, they do fit. Let’s not forget about the nice 25LPI checkering front and rear that is very comfortable and allows for a strong confident grip.

DWX Classy Race Gun — With Magazine Confusion

As conflicted as this pistol is everything about it screams Classy Race Gun made for competition. The fit and finish is impeccable. The feel in my very large hands felt right at home with all the controls being a short reach away, though the extended mag release was a little stiff.  Magazine capacity is 19 or 18 rounds, though I could not find any branded DWX magazines. Many online said just use P09 magazines. Well here we go again more confusion. Because the factory magazines that comes with a full size P09 will not fit in a DWX. Though the DWX magazines will fit in a P09. Through my trials I did find that the magazine for the P-10F does fit and guess what the P-10F fits in the P-09 also. Confused yet? Simple get the p-10F magazines.

What I noticed about the factory mags of the P-09 is that they are missing a second cut out, why I am not sure. 

The magazine on the right with the red follower is the P-10F magazine while the magazine on the left is the factory P-09 magazine that will not fit in the DWX, it will not lock in place.

With all of the reviews out there amongst many I so dearly respect I did not see any of this confusion mentioned. The two opportunities for the DWX that are well discussed is the lack of capability for an optic, honestly which I can care less about and the price of which I won’t mention here just in case my daughter reads this. I do not want to be blamed for starting any family troubles. Though the third thing I would add is availability. I have a very large CZ dealer close by and they have only had a few according to them less than five and they have no idea when they may get another. So does this mean Mr. Revolverguy is going to buy this identity crisis cz75/Double Stack 1911 9mm. Well only reliable, accurate pistols demand my hard earned cash so let’s see if it is worthy.

  • Model: CZ-USA Dan Wesson DWX
  • Full-size and compact variants
  • Match-grade barrel
  • Double-stack magazine
  • Ergonomic design
  • MSRP: Withheld to protect the innocent and avoid family issue
  • Caliber: 9mm
    Action: Single-action only (SAO)
    Capacity: 19+1 or 10+1 
    Weight: 43 ounces
    Overall length: 8.52 inches
    Height: 5.85 inches
    Width: 1.25 inches
    Barrel length: 5 inches 
    Frame: Stainless steel
    Slide Finish: Duty finish
    Safety: Ambidextrous thumb safety
    Grips: Aluminum, red or black 
    Frame finish: Matte black
    Slide Finish: Matte black
    Sights: Fiber-optic front with adjustable rear sight

Dan Wesson DWX Testing

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