CZ455 Trainer: Tuning For Accuracy

| November 9, 2021 | 2 Comments

CZ455 Overview

The CZ455 Trainer is the successor to the CZ452 and the predecessor to the CZ457 lineup. Why would one even want a discontinued model, well it’s simple in my eyes $375 dollars. That is correct with a little searching you still may be able to find one of these rifles brand new in the range of $375 dollars or a little higher. If the price for a very capable, accurate and fun rifle is not enough.

This rifle sports a 24.8 barrel, tangent rear sight (adjustable for distance) and beechwood stock with Schnabel forend, along with the capability to swap barrels easily at home. It ships with a 5 round magazine, with 10 round magazines available and weighs in at 6.3 pounds.  The one area I found that could be improved upon is the trigger. Though not a bad factory trigger it does come in at about 4.5 to 5 pounds from factory with a little creep/takeup. This is where I start my journey of tuning the CZ455 Trainer with the Yo Dave Trigger Kit.



The Perfect Range Day

Now I have to admit something here, though today was a fun day on the range the first few groups may have been screwed up because my mind was else where. Or maybe it was just that my stomach was having more influence over the mind. Right as I was departing for the range I received a text message that went like

Who in the world does something like this? Just as I am getting ready to walk out the door no breakfast already planning to miss lunch with being out on the range and he sends me something like this. At this point I have no idea what this guy is doing, is he getting ready for Thanksgiving a little early?

Then I get out on the range and right in the middle of the first group I get this text, with no words by the way.


Ok now this is going to be interesting this dude has lost his mind. He is preparing for Thanksgiving early, he has decided to smoke a turkey and then he is going to give this Tom a bath in BBQ sauce. Ok now I am getting worried and considering packing up and leaving to go check on my brother. He is not doing any physical harm to himself or anybody so maybe I can squeeze out one more group with the RWS Rifle Match ammo. Wouldn’t you know it in the middle of this group my last and final group I get these pictures via text.


By this time my stomach let out a tremendous roar for some nice thick chops, but I decided to turn off my phone and really buckle down this time with Lapua Midas Plus and the rest is history all seen in the video.

He has made me a true believe in the KamadoJoe, anything he has used it for has turned out to be an absolute fantastic meal. He says he is still learning but sounds more like sand bagging to me. Any details about his these “Famous Chops” visit him at


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  1. Edward A. Simmons says:

    O_o, yikes! My secret is out.

  2. Something that taste this good should not be a secret.😄

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