CZ455 Trainer — The Best Iron Sights

| April 12, 2020 | 1 Comments

As part of the 22LR Callout Challenge over at I decided to remove the scope from my CZ 455 Trainer to compete against a few old-porch-dogs over at the reloaders network discord channel.

That thin line 1.9inch target 50 yards away sure is hard to see. But the CZ trainer did boost confidence with that group it shot for any iron sight varmint hunting 50 to 75 yards out.

Comment below — what is a man to do. Should I put the scope back on or leave it off?


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1 Comment on "CZ455 Trainer — The Best Iron Sights"

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  1. sparkyv says:

    I have high see-thru rings on my Trainer. The best of both worlds.

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