Latest Reloading Bench Review

This past week I have read many forum post about reloading presses as it seems more and more shooters are getting into reloading with the ammunition shortage still looming. New users have been eager to understand the different presses on the market many comparing their valued advantages and disadvantages.

Many have complained about the Hornady LnL AP and the primer dimple and the primer system of the Hornady. Owning a Hornady press I spent most of my time reading forums trying to understand the complaints and at the top of the list was priming issue. After 16 thousand rounds my Hornady LnL AP has been flawless. Though it had started to exihbit the dreaded primer punch dimple. This is where the steel primer punch starts to where a considerable sized recession in the press frame. As this started to happen many report that they start to experience high primers from not being fully seated. Though I have never had this issue, I used a little glue to keep a penny in place over this spot.

After reading so many post this week I decided to implement a permanent fix. This would consist of drilling and tapping my Hornady LnL AP frame and putting a hardened steel screw in place. This puts steel on steel when priming on the press now. I did remove the floor plate before starting to give me a little more room to work with.

Below I have provided pictures of all the tools required to do this job in hopes of making this easier for others to follow.

Drill and Tap Set from Lowes, and 1/4 tap with 28 threads per inch. If you so chose you can get a larger set. What matters most is to get the drill bit and tap in the set as both will be the appropriate size. You will also need?to make sure you get screws with the same thread count, but they will need to be cut to length which I did with a dremel. I then used a Hanson Adjustable Tap 3/8inch socket with the tap to thread the hole.?The critical piece to this project was a 90 degree right angle drill attachment. I got this one from Harbor Freight some time ago for a different job and was able to utilize for this project also.?As you can see it is attached to my cordless Dewalt. The best way to go about getting this done is to take it slow and steady.?With very little room to work with I found I had to place my drill bit into my bench vice and cut it down considerably to have enough room to work with inside the press.



After drilling and tapping the Hornady LnL frame I screwed on one of the steel screws and got great results. I used a black permanent black marker to mark the screw the appropriate length. I then placed that screw in my bench vice and cut it off. I planned to cut the screw a little long that way I could cut a slot in the head and use a really long flat head screw driver from the top to easily screw it into the frame. This worked out great, I then used my dremel to grind the head of the screw down with the press frame. I did verify if I have to there is enough material that I could back the screw out with the screw driver if work or a replacement is needed. After this procedure?I did notice that the primer punch protrudes through the base plate higher than previously. Then it was time for?the real test. The press was setup for 45ACP so I decided to go on a marathon run. I loaded 1000 rounds of 45ACP 230gr Xtreme Bullet on top of 5.2gr of W231. I am proud to say not one issue, and here is a picture of the implant after today’s loading session.




Though I haven’t had any problems with my Hornady LnL I do believe this is a worth while upgrade. If you call Hornady about this issue they will say what issue, meaning this is not an issue as the dimple is self limiting and will not cause issues. It didn’t cause me any issues but there are many reports out there of primers not seating fully. I could never own a progressive press and see myself priming pistol rounds by hand or on my RCBS bench primer. Rifle is another story I still prefer to do those on my single stage RCBS and bench prime. My Hornady LnL AP with Bullet Feeder is a marvelous piece of American made machinery but like anything can be improved upon.

I hope this helps some of those having issues.