S&W Model 1046

The S&W Model 1046 was a limited run with about 151 being produced in 1911.?

S&W 1046- 5.00″ barrel double action only, this pistol has to be partially cocked to be able to double action. By that I mean when you rack the slide to chamber a round the hammer remains partially cocked, there is NO DECOCKING FEATURE! Also the 1086 if you have a failure to fire you can not cock the hammer by squeezing the trigger a second time to fire. No Second Strike Capability. You would have to eject the round or move the slide rearward some to re-set the action to have the trigger cock the double action hammer again. Some models can be fired without the magazine present if the magazine disconnect is removed. Notice the tang looks smaller because the slide is longer in the rear, to cover the cocked hammer therefore the tang/beaver tail of the 1046/1086 looks shorter than the 1006/1066, 1026/1076.

Wade thank for your contribution. Here is your 10mm’s internet shrine.