Classic 22 Range Day — Memory Makers

| April 12, 2015 | 2 Comments

In the days of polymer semi auto handguns and my love for revolvers, these classic 22’s have remained in the back of the safe for way too long. Not to mention just about every classic 22 I own was inherited from other family members. Each one comes with it’s own set of memories. It is those memories that made me come to the conclusion that the previous owners in no way would have designated them as safe queens. For me it is one of the hardest things in the world to go through family crisis and then have to go through their belongings with family members. Yet when Mom or Dad hands you Grandads 1950 JC Higgins along with a note that simply says “Grandson bust all the pop cans you come across, this old rifle has plenty left” you get a lump in your throat and manage to crack a smile.

Sure there are plenty of fancier rifles out there for learning and plinking with, but they become priceless with the memories that go along with them. All of the rifles I had this day on the range with me are that way priceless. I encourage all Mom’s and Dad’s to look over the surplus rack when they are looking for a 22 for a child. You often will walk away with a rifle that’s plenty accurate and one that will cost less than just about anything new you lay your eyes on. Unfortunately most of the time you won’t get the stories of these old relics, if you get a good one you can create your own memories with it. The JC Higgins that accompanied me to the range was also my sons first time shooting a rifle, one that has been handed down 4 generations.

For those that follow my postings know that it is about the review, but on this day it was about the memories. I spent time cleaning up and refinishing the stocks on these rifles to bring them back as close to the condition I once remembered them being. After this work I knew they were all functioning properly, but I had never fired them except for the JC Higgins with my son, well there is no better time than the present.

I would bring along
Remington 550-1
Marlin 81DL
Sears/JC Higgins

And 3 different brands of 22 ammunition to try them all out. I would have no malfunctions with any rifle, to me this is amazing considering each of the rifles were produced before 1962. After getting the new scopes adjusted they were plenty fun and accurate.

Always give the surplus rack in your local gun shop a once over no telling what you might find. Don’t just look to train, hunt or punch holes in paper — create memories.

I miss you guys Grandad and Mr. Allen (Luke), I promise it won’t be this long before I have them out on the range again.

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2 Comments on "Classic 22 Range Day — Memory Makers"

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  1. Stretch says:

    In January I found a Winchester Model 58 on the consignment rack of local gun store. Made ca. ’34 to mid-’35.
    In early March it was a Winchester 62A. Made in 1948.
    Parts were needed and found on the ‘net. Both function well and will be used to introduce new shooters to rifles.

  2. Awesome find and a great way to introduce new shooters to our Sport/Hobby/Past Time. Way to go Stretch.

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