Cimarron Twins: 44Magnum and 10MM

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Cimarron Firearms known for their authentic Old Western Firearm Replicas has decided to combine a classic design with modern features, for a rather unique single action suitable for every single action collection. The first released was the Biggest Badboy of them all, the 44Magnum.


?Then I noticed Cimarron had recently made a new announcement, the release of its newest revolver to the BadBoy family chambered in 10mm.


Therefore I Have Given Birth To Twins:

The Cimarron Bad Boy is the brainchild of Mr. Harvey, Cimarron President. Mr. Harvey partnered with Uberti to leverage the classic Single Action Army design and adds in modern features in the 44Magnum and 10MM Calibers.


Description: 	CIM BADBOY PW 10MM REV 8B
Brand: 	Cimarron
Model: 	Bad Boy
Type: 	Revolver: Single Action
Caliber: 	10MM
Finish: 	Blue
Action: 	Single Action
Stock: 	Walnut 1 Piece Army Grip
Sight: 	Front:Fixed Target Rear: Adjustable Target
Barrel Length: 	8 Octagon Barrel
 Overall Length: 	13.6
Weight: 	44.8 oz
Capacity: 	6
Receiver: 	Blue
Features: 	Made by Uberti-Italy

Old Western Design:

Pre-War Frame, Army Grip, Blue Finish, 8in Octagonal Barrel, Single Action, Loading Gate, Single chamber ejection.

Modern Features:

Adjustable Target Sights, Unfluted Cylinder, Floating Firing Pin allowing you to carry 6 rounds in the cylinder while on the range, beautiful one piece walnut grips, high performance carbon alloy steel and picatinny rail for mounting optics (extra). A single action trigger that weighs in at 3.5pounds on the RCBS trigger gauge.

The Bad Boy family offered in both of these flexible calibers has something to offer for anyone, handgun hunters, sport shooters, range plinkers and competitors — a fast and or powerful round.

I have had the 44 magnum long enough to put 350 SAAMI Spec full house 44magnum rounds through it, along with 50 44 Special rounds. The 44 Magnum did have to be returned as the floating firing pin started to exhibit light primer strikes. Cimarron took care of this in a rapid fashion with no cost to me. The 44Magnum still proves to be one of the most versatil capable of firing the 44Magnum and 44 Special out of the BadBoy Recessed Cylinder.

The 10MM being a semi-auto cartridge in a revolver usually requires moonclips but in the 10MM BadBoy.? Without moonclips 40S&W can not be fired out of the BadBoy? because of the headspacing on the case mouth of the cartridge. This is not really a problem for the 10MM as there are many loads out there loaded from mild 40S&W energy to wild full 10MM energy.

Cimarron has done it, finally put an end to the 10MM vs 44Magnum caliber war, get both!

Correction: With all the fun and excitement I mistakenly stated 10MM headspaces on the rim. This is a semi-auto and is rimless which drives the need for moonclips in most 10MM revolvers. Headspace is based on the case mouth.

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  1. BigE says:

    Those hard cast powder coated Ford Light Blue hunting bullets seemed to perform very well.. as designed…

    Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Let me know when ya need some more… Next ones would most likely be Hi-Tek Zombie Green!

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